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Homunculus offers a range of flexible Artist in Residence (AIR) programs that are student-centred, creative and culminates in fantastic performance outcomes. Options range from a day to a full semester and can be tailored to fit your unit requirements and timetable.

Shorter-term residencies may involve intensive workshop sessions over a week or several weeks. Longer-term residencies usually involve the collaborative development of original work and full-scale production.

Price for longer AIRs (spaced over several weeks, a term, semester or year) varies according to contact hours, outcome (i.e. polished performance or informal showing) and other factors. AIRs can be tailored to your budget, time frame and unit needs.

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Clayfield College 2016

LAST CHANCE HUMANS! PLAY THE GAME… PRESENTED BY CLAYFIELD COLLEGE AND HOMUNCULUS THEATRE COMPANY Greetings humans! Listen up. Play the game or get zapped! It’s true. Aliens exist, and they’re not very friendly. If they go through with their plan, we are all doomed. Luckily the future of the human race is in the hands…

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Clayfield College 2015

Homunculus has taken on the challenge of developing a new work of comic theatre that involves all of our Yr12 students as collaborative artists, and each show has seen the cast fully invested in the creative process

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Redcliffe State High School 2013

A classic murder-mystery except the murder hasn’t happened yet… Detective Winsome Stockinghurst and his Sidekick Bernice ‘The Idiot’ Flanagan race to find the would-be murderer.

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Clayfield College 2012

The Clayfield College Drama AIR Program has been running annually for many years, giving Year 12 students the opportunity to work with performing arts professionals and perform in a professional venue and in doing so extend themselves as young artists.

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St Joseph’s Nudgee College 2013

LOVE KNOT A Commedia dell’Arte show with all the passion, romance and blood letting of Romeo and Juliet, only funnier… Lelio and Isabella love each other but their families hate each other so Isabella fakes her own death – naturally. Brighella recruits Arlecchino to steal Pantalone’s enormous money sack, and The Captain runs a profitable nightclub…

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Clayfield College 2013

Checking Out The Clayfield College Drama AIR Program has been running annually for many years, giving Year 12 students the opportunity to work with performing arts professionals and perform in a professional venue and in doing so extend themselves as young artists. Checking Out, Visy Theatre, Powerhouse OK, so you’re old. There’s whispering going on…

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Other AIR Programs

Brisbane Boys College 2014

St Joesphs Nudgee College 2014

Clayfield College 2014

"Clint completed a session with Year11 and Year 12 students enrolled in Learning for Life at Guilford Young College. In this course, students study empowerment as part of their Studies in Religion pathway. In the weeks preceding Clint’s workshop, students had explored issues related to personal values, beliefs, faith, and how society shapes individuals and their expression of these personal values. All students were asked to reflect on the ‘mask’ they had developed in their life or which they felt compelled to wear in their relations with the many people with whom they interacted. Clint’s session on Basel Masks was an invaluable practical demonstration of the power masks play in shielding individual insecurities as well as the role they perform in conveying to others, a range of personal and social characteristics.

In his workshop, Clint presented as a dynamic, enthusiastic and engaging young man with a genuine potential to work purposefully toward the goals he sets for himself and others. Well-spoken, courteous and confident in his relations with the students and the adults with whom he interacted, Clint demonstrated a capacity to mix in positively and to quickly gain the trust of the students with whom he was entrusted. He possessed the capacity to work unsupervised, but also demonstrated a willingness to accept and act positively upon instruction and personal advice. In a group situation, Clint was a creative leader, who challenged students to move out of their comfort area and test their latent potential to be productive, proactive work agents. The students warmed to Clint’s honest manner, his respect for their strengths and insecurities and his capacity to immediately engage students in his learning activities.

I was extremely impressed by Clint’s composure and the ease by which he related to students at their level. In orchestrating his workshop in this manner, students found the experience a highly valuable learning encounter. I favourably recommend Clint to any teachers wishing to inject a practical and highly energising component to their curricular delivery."★★★★★

- Marco Guerzoni, Guilford Young College TAS

"At GYC, we had high expectations of our week’s Residency experience with Clint Bolster. The week far exceeded those expectations! We are a senior college, with an intake of Year 11 & 12 students, operating in southern Tasmania. Clint worked with Drama and Theatre Performance classes during his week with us, as well as taking a day out to work at Triabunna District High School (where my daughter teaches Drama), and also working with one of GYC’s Learning for Life classes (these are empowerment & self-development classes for students).

Clint and I had communicated before the Residency about the needs of our students, and while he came well-prepared to work within my parameters, he also responded brilliantly to all the curve-balls that I threw him (like working with Learning for Life, as well as helping with auditions). I was seriously impressed with his ability to build an amazing rapport with the students within moments. While I would not have missed Clint’s workshops for anything, I realised within the first ten minutes that I could have walked out, and nobody would have known I was gone: the students were completely committed to their working relationship with Clint.

I had experienced Café Floriani several times, so I knew that Clint was a terrific performing artist. I came to realise throughout the Residency that Clint also has a great gift for working with, and relating to, young people of all ages. He is a naturally gifted teacher. If I could give a piece of advice to teachers considering booking a Residency with Clint, it would be this: Don’t think about it, do it! Your students will grow in confidence and ability, and your staff will be re-energised with possibilities. Quite honestly, the best chunk of my budget I have ever spent."★★★★★

- Patricia Kempa, Guilford Young College TAS

"Recently Bororen State School had the opportunity to have a two-day workshop with Clint Bolster from Homunculus Theatre Company. Our school is located in the small town of Bororen about 30kms, south of Gladstone. We are a small school with a total of 30 to 40 students. As a parent with two children at the school, I had the opportunity to see some of the fantastic work Clint was doing with the students about building their self-esteem.

The students all responded to the program well and were so thrilled to have the opportunity to be recipients of this wonderful arts program. Most importantly, from my perspective, it started a wonderful conversation at the dinner table about humour and esteem issues. After the workshop and still, up to 2 months later, my children and their friends are talking about Clint’s visit and using some of the strategies learned in the workshop.

As parents, we are so grateful for the opportunity that has been provided by both the school and delivered by the Homunculus Theatre Company about these issues, and hope to see this opportunity arise for many students in the years to come."★★★★★

- Jodi Ritchie, Parent, Bororen State School QLD