Full Face Non Verbal Mask Theatre

Grades 7 - 12
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This Workshop is specifically designed to introduce students to the world of Mask Theatre. Verbal to Non Verbal. Full Face to Half Face. Students will explore ensemble performance, mask technique, the inner monologue and devising skills in order to clearly demonstrate comical and/or dramatic meaning on stage.

Mask styles covered:

  • Basel Masks
  • Grotesque Masks
  • Trestle Masks
  • The Shawns
  • Strange Face Masks – Full & Half Face

Devised by: Clint Bolster
Directed by: Clint Bolster

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"We have been using Homunclus Theatre Company for over 5 years now, as specialists in both Mask, Commedia and Physical Theatre. The instructors are always super energised and engaging - and today, Clint was fabulous! The kids always have a great time whilst improving their performance skills. 5 Stars!"★★★★★

Leona Pearson, Drama Teacher, Clairvaux MacKillop College, QLD

"Another fantastic Workshop run by Homunculus Theatre Company! Clint was both insightful and relational and the Year 8 Drama students loved his particular brand of humour as the driving force behind Basel Mask education. The students learnt a lot (as I did) and can't wait to put the concepts behind the masks to use in the coming weeks!"★★★★★

- Genesis Christian College, QLD

"It is a delight to watch Clint work with students and the artful way he has of drawing them out of their comfort zones to have fun and learn much about the characters and themselves is extraordinary. The genuine love of his artform, along with his manner, depth of knowledge and experience, is clearly evident and provides the surety and confidence that teachers need when organising guest artists. I have had the privilege of watching Clint work with both adults and high school students in different workshop settings and the expertise, care and respect he shows them all is consistently excellent. I have no hesitation in recommending Clint and Homunculus to anyone looking for this type of expertise."★★★★★

Sue Pearn, Head Of Drama, All Hallows, QLD

"Clint was a breath of fresh air in our classroom. He immediately had the students engaged and enthusiastic. Clint seemed to be able to make the class forget about their inhibitions instantly. The mask workshop really inspired the students and made the style relevant and fun. Many basic principles were covered with pathways created for extension work. The yr 9 students had an absolute ball, we will definitely be getting Homunculus Theatre Company back in our school."★★★★★

Cairns State High School, QLD

"Very rarely do I see my year 10s so full of life, energy and passion for performing as I did this morning during their workshop with Clint. From the moment the students stepped into the room, they were drawn to his focus, energy and natural comedic nature. Thank you Clint for your expertise in introducing activities related to mask work and having students take the time to laugh at themselves, a moment in our lives which is rarely taken. I only wished you stayed the whole day!"★★★★★

Ayr State High School, QLD

"Thanks to Clint Bolster from Homunculus Theatre Company for working with the Year 9 Performance Arts students this afternoon to assist them in learning and understanding the technique of working with Masks. Clint offered support and encouragement to the students to be risk takers and to find ways to convey mood, situation, character and emotion to an audience with and without the added element of music and lights."★★★★★

St Johns Anglican College, QLD

"Clint Bolster brings a broad range of skills to his artist-in-residence work. He is one of Australia’s best Commedia practitioners but he also works with Basel and Sean masks to great effect. He can work with a broad range of ages, adapting his lessons to the requirements of the teacher’s needs. His training in physical theatre was very useful in pushing VCE ensemble groups into strong non-naturalistic presentations. Clint engages the students with his extroverted personality but he is very much in control in the classroom, guiding the students to some terrific skills based outcomes. Apart from everything I have mentioned he is a very nice guy to work with."★★★★★"

Haileybury Colledge Melbourne VIC