Physical Theatre & Circus

Grades 7 - 12
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This dynamic workshop seamlessly blends elements of theater and circus, offering students a unique opportunity to explore various physical skills that can be applied across multiple performance disciplines, from Brecht and Shakespeare to Clowning, Physical Theatre, and Circus Arts. Through this experiential journey, students will gain a deeper understanding of the theatrical application of physicality and its transformative potential in performance.

Essential experiences and learning outcomes for students in this workshop include:

  1. Physical Performance: Students will engage in physical exercises and activities that emphasize the expressive power of the body in theatrical storytelling.
  2. Theatrical Application of Physical Skills: They will learn how to translate their physical skills into compelling theatrical performances, enhancing their ability to convey emotions and narratives through movement.
  3. Complicité and Ensemble Building: Students will collaborate with their peers, fostering a sense of complicité and ensemble work, essential in creating cohesive and harmonious performances.
  4. Fast Physical Performance Creation: Through rapid creative exercises, students will discover the art of quickly generating physical performances, a valuable skill for devising and improvisational work.
  5. Improved Coordination and Awareness: The workshop will enhance students’ coordination and self-awareness about time, space, and their fellow performers.
  6. Principles of Balance: Students will explore principles of balance, including counter-balance, essential human balances, and group pyramids, adding a dynamic element to their performances.
  7. Movement and Text Integration: They will learn to generate movement from text and vice versa, deepening their understanding of the interplay between physicality and language in performance.
  8. Working with Stimuli: Students will experiment with emotional and physical stimuli, expanding their creative toolbox for character development and storytelling.
  9. Dynamic Stillness: They will discover the power of dynamic stillness and how considered movement can convey meaning and emotion in performance.

This workshop is highly adaptable and can be tailored to suit your group’s skill level and specific goals. Whether students are aspiring actors, circus performers, or theater enthusiasts, this immersive experience promises to enrich their understanding of the synergy between physicality and storytelling in the performing arts.

Devised by: Clint Bolster
Directed by: Clint Bolster

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"Homunculus was fantastic to work with, as they planned these workshops based on my students prior knowledge and their own and the school's resources. They made each workshop engaging and the students thoroughly enjoyed working with them.★★★★★

- Redcliffe SHS, QLD

"The performers were absolutely excellent! Ability to read the audience and improvise was excellent. Focus and skill was amazing to watch and great content/meaning beyond just circus skill.★★★★★

- St Rita's College, QLD

"This act was a great culmination of content, mask and physical theatre skills. It wowed the students with the acrobatic tricks and fully engaged them in the action on the stage. The questions section involved very well formed and informative answers. A lovely experience. Thank you. 5 Stars!★★★★★

- The Total School Of Education, QLD

"Students in Years 9, 11, and 12 then had the privilege of workshopping many of the techniques and ideas explored in the performance, during a one-hour-long actor-led session. All such students have enthusiastically spoken of the workshop experience and how great it was to tackle team-building through a dramatic lens. It was a wonderful opportunity for students to engage with professionals in the field and to gain inside knowledge of the workings of this genre of theatre.
Cannot wait to have you back again!★★★★★

-St Marys College, mMaryborough, QLD