Non-verbal Communication and Mime

Grades 7 - 12
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The non-verbal communication workshop offers an exciting opportunity for students to explore the power of physical expression and non-verbal communication in theatre. This workshop is a valuable tool for bypassing the logical, censoring mind, and tapping into creativity, physicality, and ensemble collaboration.

Critical aspects of the workshop include:

  1. Short-Circuiting the Censoring Mind: In traditional communication, the logical mind often filters and restrains our expressions. This workshop encourages participants to break free from these constraints and embrace a more primal, instinctual expression, allowing creativity to flow freely.
  2. Developing Physical Expression: Through engaging exercises, students will discover the breadth and depth of physical expression. They will learn how their bodies can convey emotions, narratives, and ideas without relying on verbal language.
  3. Fostering Ensemble Spirit: Collaboration and ensemble work are at the heart of this workshop. Students will engage in silent, group-based activities that promote unity, cooperation, and theatre creation as a collective effort.
  4. Group Devising Skills: Devising is a collaborative process of creating theatre from scratch. Students will work together to devise and improvise scenes, stories, and performances using only non-verbal communication. This process empowers them to co-create narratives and explore their collective creativity.
  5. Human Mime Skills: Mime is a form of non-verbal storytelling that relies on exaggerated gestures and expressions. Participants will be introduced to the art of mime, with tailored exercises to accommodate each individual’s skill level. This adds another layer of non-verbal communication to their toolkit.

As the workshop progresses, students will experience a remarkable increase in their expressiveness, physical awareness, and ability to convey complex ideas and emotions without words. The exercises and activities in this workshop aim to unleash the creative potential within each participant, fostering a deeper understanding of the profound impact of non-verbal communication in the realm of theatre.

Devised by: Clint Bolster
Directed by: Clint Bolster

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"The drama concepts and activities were appropriate for the students level of ability allowing opportunities for students to extend on their learning as the workshop progressed.★★★★★

- Queens Beach State School, QLD

"Clint was a breath of fresh air into our drama classroom. He very quickly built positive relationships with the students using fun and humour. The workshop was engaging and it was clearly obvious the students felt they could participate in an environment where they felt safe to participate and express themselves. We all look forward so much to our next workshop!"★★★★★

The Lambert School, Hobart, TAS

"Homunculus Artists are a real treat to have in the classroom. They share their craft beautifully, engaging the students from the minute he walks in the room. With ears of experience, they give the students a specialized yet holistic experience that teaches skills that can be able to put into practice immediately. We have already seen improvement in their class work and their awareness of their physical presence on stage."★★★★★

Brisbane Girls Grammar, QLD