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Melodramas are moral tales that illustrate a battle between good and evil, where good would triumph and bring morality or justice to society. Rather than have realistic characters, the melodrama had what are known as stock characters, or characters based on set personalities or stereotypes. In this workshop, students discover:

THE HERO:  Who is moral, handsome and manly. He acts on his intuition and is in-tune to nature. And, while he believes in justice, he does not always follow the less-important rules of society.

THE HEROINE: Who is also moral, in that she is innocent. She is also beautiful and courageous, but likely needs saving.

THE VILLAIN: Who is evil. These characters are often dishonest, greedy, vengeful and corrupt. ADD ON: A villain’s accomplice, who is usually rather idiotic and serves as comic relief.

THE FAITHFUL SERVANT: Who helps the hero uncover needed information on the villain. This character also serves a comic relief, but does not come off as idiotic.

THE MAIDSERVANT: Who is flirty, fun and loyal to the heroine.

Devised by: Clint Bolster
Directed by: Clint Bolster

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"It was as an absolute pleasure to have Clint work with our Year 7 and 8 students. I was in awe of how quickly he was able to connect with the students, make them laugh and most importantly, impart some really valuable skills. In one hour, there was a large improvement in their ability to work with masks as well as tweaking their general performing skills. It was clear to see that Clint loves his art and is passionate about sharing his knowledge and skills with others. We are looking forward to having Clint back in the room with us again; our students couldn’t get enough!"★★★★★

Brisbane Girls Grammar School, QLD

"Having never seen Clint in action before, I was interested to see the way in which he managed to ‘weave a web of engagement’ through the use of humour and laughter. The class was engaged and all the students, even the quieter ones, ‘found their voice’- it was great to see!"★★★★★

St Pauls School, QLD