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The melodrama character workshop immerses students in dramatic theater, where storytelling emphasizes the battle between good and evil through a set of stock characters. These characters are rich in archetypal qualities, and their interactions drive the narrative of moral tales. Here’s what students will explore:

  1. The Hero: Students will delve into the character of the hero, a morally upright and courageous figure who often defies societal norms when pursuing justice. They will learn to embody the hero’s confidence, intuition, and commitment to moral values.
  2. The Heroine: The heroine is portrayed as innocent, beautiful, and often needing rescue. Students will explore the character’s vulnerability and courage, understanding how to convey these qualities on stage.
  3. The Villain: The villain embodies evil and typically exhibits qualities like dishonesty, greed, and vengefulness. Students will explore the complexities of portraying a character driven by malice and have the opportunity to develop the villain’s motivations and actions.
  4. The Villain’s Accomplice: This character provides comic relief and often lacks intelligence. Students will discover how to portray this archetype effectively while infusing humor into their performance.
  5. The Faithful Servant: The faithful servant plays a crucial role in assisting the hero in uncovering information about the villain. Students will explore the character’s loyalty and how to balance their role as a source of support and comic relief.
  6. The Maidservant: This character is characterized by flirtatiousness, fun, and loyalty to the heroine. Students will learn to embody the maidservant’s spirited and loyal nature.

Throughout the workshop, students will engage in character development exercises, improvisations, and scene work that allow them to embrace these melodramatic stock characters fully. They will gain a deeper understanding of the archetypal qualities that define each character type and how to bring these characters to life on stage.

By the end of the workshop, students will have honed their acting skills, developed a nuanced understanding of melodramatic character types, and experienced the unique storytelling style of melodrama, where moral battles and archetypal characters take center stage.

Devised by: Clint Bolster
Directed by: Clint Bolster

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"It was as an absolute pleasure to have Clint work with our Year 7 and 8 students. I was in awe of how quickly he was able to connect with the students, make them laugh and most importantly, impart some really valuable skills. In one hour, there was a large improvement in their ability to work with masks as well as tweaking their general performing skills. It was clear to see that Clint loves his art and is passionate about sharing his knowledge and skills with others. We are looking forward to having Clint back in the room with us again; our students couldn’t get enough!"★★★★★

Brisbane Girls Grammar School, QLD

"Having never seen Clint in action before, I was interested to see the way in which he managed to ‘weave a web of engagement’ through the use of humour and laughter. The class was engaged and all the students, even the quieter ones, ‘found their voice’- it was great to see!"★★★★★

St Pauls School, QLD