Commedia Dell’Arte

Grades 7 - 12
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This lively and spirited workshop is an engaging introduction to the world of Commedia Dell’Arte. Students will embark on a journey of physical exploration, immersing themselves in the captivating realm of high and low-status stock characters and classic scenarios. Throughout the workshop, they can enhance their improvisational skills, fostering creativity and spontaneity.

At the heart of this workshop lies “The Spirit Of The Mask,” a transformative process that imparts the fundamental principles of Commedia Dell’Arte. Through this method, students will discover how to fully embody a character using their body, voice, and mask’s power. It’s a journey that delves into the essence of character portrayal, encouraging students to explore the depths of physical expression and vocal modulation to bring these iconic characters to life.

Devised by: Clint Bolster
Directed by: Clint Bolster

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"If anyone needs a brilliant Commedia workshop, Homunculus Theatre Company are the ones to book! It was an engaging and belly laughing day that the students are STILL talking about a year later!"★★★★★

- St Mary's College, QLD

"We have had Homunculus visit over the years due to their dynamic and engaging workshops. Clint provides opportunities for our students that open their eyes to comedy and performing using simple and articulate movement. Students are energised and motivated to work with mask and movement through his workshops. We can’t wait to have him come back again next year!"★★★★★

- Mountain Creek State High School, QLD

"Take a bow Homunculus Theatre Company! This talented troupe transported my students into the world of Commedia Stock characters through clever improvisation techniques, imaginative movement, while lacing the performance with topical contemporary Australian political and current affair issues. I look forward to booking this professional company for future performances at my school."★★★★★

- Faith Lutheran College, QLD

"Having previously faced the hesitation of year 10s posed with a style that was so foreign to them, Clint has transformed 2 entire classes into believers of Commedia Dell’ Arte’. Outside of their comfort zone, they discovered how to take risks, let their guards down and learn to enjoy the hilarity of the unknown. As teachers, we tend to overlook the crucial aspect of fun when developing these characters – focusing too heavily on the prescriptions of their stock personas and matching student practical applications to book descriptions. Clint has both unleashed a range of inner zanies, whilst teaching the staff a thing or two about the power of play." ★★★★★

- Carmel College, QLD

"Clint Bolster’s humour and energy invigorated the classroom. His exercises in physicality, comedy and mask, allowed the students to break down the barriers that stop them from openly expressing themselves in front of one another. This will no doubt assist the classes exploration of all styles and forms of theatre." ★★★★★

Bentley Park College, Cairns, QLD

"Clint delivered another solid workshop, this time on Commedia dell’arte. He shared an abundance of knowledge and skills with the students including the history of commedia, the creation of the masks and the very high stakes Commedia performers. Clint’s knowledge allowed for the student to really grasp the importance of this work and how Commedia fits within the theatrical landscape. At the end of the workshops the students left smiling, full of knowledge and a newly founded appreciation for Commedia. Thanks again, Clint. It was a wonderful afternoon filled with giggles and excitement!" ★★★★★

Brisbane Girls Grammar School, QLD

"It was fantastic having Clint come in and run a Commedia workshop for the year 10's. The students really responded to his infectious enthusiasm and were able to have a great time while testing their abilities as performers; I don't know if I've ever seen students laugh and learn so much simultaneously. Their understanding of Commedia, and in particular their ability to physicalise the stock characters improved immensely through the course of the workshop. They were also working together as a stronger group by the end of the day, and learnt the importance of taking bigger creative risks and when doing so, supporting one another."★★★★★

Kedron State High School, QLD

"It has been an absolute privilege having Clint start his artist in residence at Helensvale State High this week. From the moment Clint entered the teaching space he captivated my students. His manner and wit has meant that students have been quick to connect with him and the learning experiences he has facilitated. The drama games and activities have encouraged students to take risks and challenge themselves to consider more their physical being in communicating dramatic action and engaging their audience within the style of Commedia dell'arte. It has been wonderful for students to learn from an absolute master of the mask!

Clint is inspiring in the way he is able to respond to the needs of the students and draw from his wealth of experience to cater for each different class. As a teacher it has been a fantastic professional development opportunity to see such a passionate and vivacious artist at work and we look forward to welcoming Clint back into our classrooms in the near future." ★★★★★

Helensvale State High School, QLD

"Today Clint introduced our Year 9 students to commedia del arte. What a wonderful workshop. The boys were engaged from the first moment. Silliness and creativity reigned for 90 minutes as the boys explored physical and vocal responses to the mask. The work just unravelled and became more complex with ease and clarity. The boys cannot wait for the their next workshop!" ★★★★★

Terrace School, QLD

"I wanted to let you know that our Year 11 students, who completed workshops with you, did amazing work for their Commedia Forming assessment. Seriously amazing – best I’ve ever seen! Your work with them consolidated class work, allowing them to apply Commedia conventions with such confidence that they could interact with the audience and work as an ensemble, without skipping a beat. The whole group even requested a bigger audience attend, so that they could work off the energy of the crowd! So thanks Clint for bringing your expertise and joy for the art form to our class, it made a big impression." ★★★★★

Clayfield College, QLD

"Thank you Clint for providing a day full of fun and laughter. Our full day workshop was a wonderful introduction into commedia for our year 10 students. All activities were tailored to suit students ability and your gentle encouragement and guidance ensured that they were challenged in a safe environment." ★★★★★

Pacific Lutheran College, QLD

"Many thanks once again Clint for a fabulous two day work shop. It was great to see the yr10 students come out of their shells and start trusting the process. Their work at the end of the second day was exciting to see:)
My yr12s loved catching up with you again, they can't believe that they won't get to see you again as you have been a big part of their school life since they were in yr8.
Look forward to booking you again next year and hopefully getting to see your performance." ★★★★★

Good Sheppard Catholic College, Mount Isa, QLD