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Absurdism, as a philosophical stance, delves into a realm of thought that embraces many relativist perspectives. At its core, absurdism challenges the foundations of human efforts to define, confine, express, or even exclude the inherent meaning within various aspects of existence, including the grand notion of human existence itself. It posits that these endeavors are inherently absurd.

The heart of this philosophical position lies in the recognition of the limitations of human cognition and the complex, often paradoxical nature of the information available to our minds. Absurdism asserts that these limitations and the intricate relationships that govern them render any definitive or specific understanding of existence impossible to attain. This leads to profound questions: What can we truly believe, and how can we confidently define the meaning of existence?

In the context of theater and performance, these abstract philosophical notions find a creative outlet. The workshop explores two fundamental principles of absurdist theater:

  1. A Constant Stream of Consciousness: Absurdist theater often explores the human psyche and its ceaseless stream of thoughts, emotions, and perceptions. It delves into the chaotic and unpredictable nature of human consciousness, revealing the absurdity that can arise from attempting to impose order or logic upon it.
  2. The Ability to Wait: Waiting is a recurring theme in absurdist theater. It underscores the idea that life is filled with moments of anticipation, uncertainty, and inertia. The act of waiting can become an absurdist metaphor for the human condition, highlighting the futility of seeking clear answers or resolutions.

Through these principles, students are invited to grapple with the complexities of human existence, the absurdity of our attempts to find meaning, and the recognition that, at times, life’s greatest truths may reside in its inherent ambiguity and unpredictability. The workshop becomes a space for exploration, introspection, and artistic expression, reflecting the enigmatic and paradoxical nature of the human experience itself.

Devised by: Clint Bolster
Directed by: Clint Bolster

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"Thank you Clint for your fun Commedia workshop which really brought our students into a creative arena where they felt anything was possible. They began to expect the unexpected and quickly jumped in with enthusiasm for fear of missing out on the action. It was exciting for both actor and audience to see the creation of character and the discovery of circumstance unfold before us as a unique and artistic shared experience."★★★★★

Rebecca Radford, Drama Teacher, Ferny Grove State High School, QLD

"Clint was in his usual fine, energetic form today, as he introduced the 12 Drama students of St Augustine's College to the wonderfully questionable world of Absurdism. The students were completely at his mercy, as he challenged them to think on their feet and explore the style in a series of practical activities that built their knowledge and skills. Just another reason why Homunculus Theatre Company remains a key fixture of our curriculum each year. Thanks Clint. Love your work as always!"★★★★★

Saint Augustine's College, QLD

"Thanks so much for the amazing work you have done with our students this week during your residency Clint!. Your energy and passion is contagious! You work hard to build rapport with all students and this translates into them being confident performers who are comfortable to take brave risks on stage. I was especially blown away with the way you engaged every student in the room regardless of learning difficulties or social anxieties. We can't wait to have you back!"★★★★★

Helensvale State High School, QLD