20 Lazzis In A Hat

50mins + 10mins Q&A
Grades 7 - 12
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Terms 1- 4
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20 Lazzis in a Hat is pure entertainment!  An exciting journey into the heart of Commedia dell’Arte – promising students non-stop fun, comedy and excitement.

Audiences will discover the origins of Commedia dell’Arte and witness its improvised nature.  The performance showcases numerous masked stock characters, hilarious Burle and 20 of Commedia’s famous traditional lazzi consisting of verbal asides on current political, social and literary topics, pratfalls and acrobatics.

The performers embody the style with their heart, body and soul, showcasing how much energy, commitment, comedic flare, and incredible technique are needed to bring this tradition to life!

Learning Areas:

The Arts (Drama)

Strands: Developing an understanding of practices

Responding to and interpreting artworks

Humanities and Social Science (History)

  • Renaissance Italy.

Languages (Italian)

  • Role of language and culture.


  • Language for interaction.

General Capabilities

Critical and Creative Thinking

  • Express ideas, concepts, thoughts and feelings creatively.
  • Consider and evaluate motivations, intentions, influences and biases.
  • Offer and receive effective feedback.

Ethical Understanding

  • Apply skills in reasoning, empathy and imagination.
  • Make judgements about actions and motives.

Personal and Social Capability

  • Initiative.
  • Confidence.
  • Resilience.
  • Adaptability.
  • Empathy.


  • Commedia dell’Arte.
  • Mask.
  • Traditional and Contemporary Clowning.
  • Shakespeare.
  • Melodrama.
  • Visual Theatre.
  • Physical Comedy.
  • Physical Theatre and Circus.
  • Non-verbal Communication and Mime.
  • Improvisation.
  • Slapstick.
  • Political Satire.
  • Parody.

Themes and Contexts:

  • Creativity.
  • Imagination.
  • Transformation.
  • Play.
  • Audience engagement and interaction.
  • Role and Relationships.
  • Status.
  • Choices and Dramatic Form.

Devised by: Clint Bolster, Allie Wilde and Nick Cilento
Directed by: Clint Bolster

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Staging Requirements:

  • An indoor venue guarantees a better and more intimate performance
  • Outdoor venue need minimum of one wall
  • 5x5m wide space (no power outlet is required)

"20 Lazzis in a Hat was absolutely brilliant! There is certainly no theatre company who does Commedia Dell’Arte like Homunculus in Australia. The characters were lively and fun, the tricks were hilarious and the finale is certainly one to remember. Our students and staff had so much fun. I guarantee you'll be in stitches after the show!"★★★★★

- Clontarf Beach State High School, QLD

"Just wanted to say thank you to you and your team for coming out and performing your fantastic Commedia show for our drama students yesterday. All the boys absolutely loved it- quite the feat with an audience of such varied ages!

Interactive performances such as ’20 Lazzi’s in a Hat’ don’t just provide the boys with hours of entertainment. As an educational tool, actually experiencing the content that they learn about in class is invaluable- especially with physical styles such as Commedia. Watching and working alongside Commedia artists of such a high calibre helps students build confidence in their own skills, fosters their imaginations and helps them observe and understand the vital importance of teamwork in a way that we are not always able to achieve in the everyday classroom. Brisbane drama teachers are so lucky to have such a valuable resource as your theatre company available to them- I have many colleagues in other parts of the world who are absolutely envious that I have Commedia specialists on my doorstep!

Once again, thank you for visiting Padua College, we look forward to seeing you again next year!" ★★★★★

Padua College, QLD

"Thanks again for coming to present 20 Lazzis in a Hat. The show was a hilarious example of all that is wonderful about the world of Commedia dell'Arte while still being appropriate for a school aged audience. The students particularly enjoyed the use of acrobatics within the production, which added a special flair to the show.
We can't wait to have you back again!!!" ★★★★★

Pacific Pines State High School, QLD

"Homunculus Theatre Company's high energy performance of 20 "Lazzis In A Hat" bursts of acrobatics and expertly timed comedy routines.

The Commedia characters are highly engaging throughout, embodying extreme physicality and authentic use of mask. This show is true improvisation, and the performers ability to read the audience and adjust accordingly, are next to none!
The execution of audience connection and interaction culminated into an extremely intelligent and captivating performance! Our students loved it!

Happy 12th Year anniversary coming to our school annually:) Cannot wait for next year guys!" ★★★★★

Siena Catholic College, QLD

"Students from years 7, 9, 11, and 12 Drama were dazzled by the talent and humour of Homunculus Theatre Company, who entertained all with their comedic, acrobatic and theatrical skills on Wednesday morning. Many students had the opportunity to be involved in the performance, which saw student-actor instrumental collaborations, teachers being picked up and dragged onstage, and plenty of laughs for all. A highlight was observing time and again students who would be otherwise disengaged, become fully invested in and key contributors to the performance. It was AMAZING to see the confidence grow particularly in these students."★★★★★

St Mary's College, Maryborough, QLD

"20 Lazzi’s In A Hat" had our Drama students (and staff) engaged and laughing hysterically (even if kind of worried about their shoes) from start to finish. The performers brought each mask and character to life and cleverly weaved in opportunities to show off their impressive clowning skills and feats of acrobatic strength. Audience interaction was exploited to the fullest, with actors more than ready to extend the offers of our very own little “choir” who took the liberty of joining in the action. The bells were a definite high point of the show and we were very humbled to share in the celebration of Pulcinella’s special day.
Thanks also to Clint for a very informative workshop following the show. Our students go away with lots of ideas about developing their characters further and improvising in response to their audience."

Kelvin Grove State College, QLD

"Once again the drama students at Brisbane State High School were thoroughly entertained by Clint, Nick and Allie's "20 Lazzi's in a Hat". The students delighted in seeing the Commedia Del Arte stock characters come to life on the stage. The acrobatic work was awe inspiring. The characters interacted brilliantly with the students and gave them much "food for thought" for their responding assessment.Thank you Homunculous for continuing to enthuse our drama students. I look forward to talking to the students and using the dramatic skill they saw today to build on the students work in class." ★★★★★

Brisbane State High School, QLD

"Homunculus Theatre Company's new touring show, 20 Lazzis In A Hat is hands down the funniest touring show I have ever seen. Simply put, Clint, Alli and Nick portray a fantastic mix of Commedia characters that each have their own moment in the spotlight to make us laugh, uncontrollably. From the moment the three Pulcinellas came into the foyer the students were in fits of laughter. The interaction with the audience was the highlight for our students as well as the amazing clowning and acrobalance skills of the cast. This is a must see show! 5 Stars!!!"
"The performers had a powerful connection with the audience"
"Absolutely hilarious"
"The bell scene - OMG!"
"Outstanding acting"
"Extra talents were amazing"
"Loved the audience involvement"
"Loved the shoes, auction and the Doctor"
"Loved the Tartaglias"★★★★★

Redcliffe State High School, QLD