Telling Tales with Drama

Grades P - 6
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Terms 1 - 4
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Clint Bolster’s high-energy workshop is a dynamic and engaging experience that introduces students to the art of dramatic storytelling. Here’s an overview of what participants can expect:

Joy of Dramatic Storytelling: The workshop is designed to ignite excitement and enthusiasm among students for the world of dramatic storytelling. Through activities and exercises, students will embark on a creative journey that taps into their imagination and passion for storytelling.

Devising Skills: Devising is a critical component of the workshop, where students are encouraged to create and craft their own stories. This process involves brainstorming, planning, and developing narratives that are uniquely their own. It empowers students to take ownership of their creative ideas.

Narration, Mime, Voice, and Movement: Participants will explore various storytelling elements, including narration, mime, voice modulation, and physical movement. These tools allow students to bring their stories to life in captivating and expressive ways.

Stage Performance: The workshop’s ultimate goal is to guide students toward performing their devised stories on stage. This allows them to showcase their storytelling skills in a theatrical setting. It also encourages self-expression and boosts confidence.

Collaborative Storytelling: The workshop fosters collaboration as students create and present their tales. This communal aspect enhances their storytelling abilities and promotes teamwork and communication.

Practical Benefits for Teachers: As a bonus outcome, teachers who attend the workshop will gain practical drama activities that can be incorporated into their teaching. These activities boost students’ confidence, nurture creativity, and enhance literacy skills.

In summary, Clint Bolster’s dramatic storytelling workshop is a lively and interactive experience that empowers students to become storytellers in their own right. By exploring various storytelling techniques and working collaboratively, participants develop valuable creativity, self-expression, and teamwork skills. The workshop also provides teachers with practical tools to support their student’s growth and development in drama and literacy.

Devised by: Clint Bolster
Directed by: Clint Bolster

I would like to thank you for the creative inspiration you brought to our students. You had the ability to engage all year levels (yr 3-10). It took very little time for 'generally reserved' students to lose their inhibitions and participate fully with other older students they did not know. All the students came away with a sense of accomplishment and greater confidence in themselves.★★★★★

- Zillmere State School, QLD

"Thank you so much for the wonderful work you have done with my Year 7 Drama Academy students this week. They were engaged and enthused from the very start. Your manner with and care of the group was inspiring. I observed higher order reflection, synthesis and analysis- making the learning deep and authentic (not to mean FUN!). The best of all was I go to see ALL my students SHINE!
Some of the student feedback included:-
“I love that it was different to other workshops!”
“Clint was hilarious and fun to work with. He made the experience comfortable from the start by giving us nicknames and fun activities. “
“He let us accept ourselves and know it’s okay to laugh at ourselves.”
“He made finding our inner clown real and doable!”
“We loved embracing the humour.”
“He gave us a reason to SMILE!”
Again thanks Clint for a series of dynamic, engaging and well run workshops that have ‘value added’ to my class!" ★★★★★

Helensvale State High School, QLD

We loved having Clint come to Haileybury to enthuse, entertain, energise and educate our Drama students. A warm and funny fellow, Clint warms up students with humour and a great sense of fun. He forms connections with boys and girls alike, before leading them into productive comic acting and mask workshops. We all loved Clint’s delightful manner and appreciated his intelligent and nurturing approach. Almost everyone raised their hands high and fast whenever volunteers were sought, obviously enthusiastic to try the new skills and tasks being introduced. Clint engaged students from Years 5 to 12, with his gifted sense of timing and his creativity. He brings out the best of students as they explore Mask and Clowning. Audiences were treated to some excellent theatre, from peers performing with Basal and Shaun masks, within Clint’s teacher-led scenarios. Clint runs a well-structured class. He is flexible and intuitive, a fine educator and a genuine, supportive and easy-going person to deal with. We were all inspired by the energy and time Clint shared with us here at Haileybury. I highly recommend him!★★★★★

Haileybury College Edrington VIC