Life? It’s A Circus!

50min + 10 Q&A
Grades P - 6
Available Terms:
Terms 1 - 4
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An energetic theatrical adventure that will have audiences wondering, laughing, gasping, artistically and philosophically inspired and pondering the human condition!

Through high-level physicality, balloons, poetry, balancing chairs, acrobatic antics and clowns, these two highly experienced circus theatre performers promise to take you on a thought-provoking and thoroughly entertaining journey through the ups and downs of life.

History of Work: 2012 and 2013 Artslink/Queensland Arts Council tours of Queensland and Brisbane Primary and Secondary to critical acclaim.

Learning Areas:

The Arts (Drama)

Strands: Developing an understanding of practices

Responding to and interpreting artworks

Health and Physical Education

Strand: Personal, Social and Community Health

General Capabilities

Critical and Creative Thinking

  • Express ideas, concepts, thoughts and feelings creatively
  • Consider and evaluate motivations, intentions, influences and biases
  • Offer and receive effective feedback

Ethical Understanding

  • Apply skills in reasoning, empathy and imagination
  • Make judgements about actions and motives

Personal and Social Capability

  • Initiative
  • Confidence
  • Resilience
  • Adaptability
  • Empathy


  • Physical Theatre
  • Circus and Comedy
  • Improvisation
  • Balance
  • Dance
  • Poetry
  • Song
  • Physical Theatre
  • Circus and Comedy
  • Improvisation
  • Balance
  • Dance
  • Poetry
  • Song

Themes and Contexts:

  • Relationships
  • Trust
  • Love
  • Friendship
  • Loss
  • Fear
  • Betrayal

Devised by: Allie Wilde & Nick Cilento
Directed by: Allie Wilde & Nick Cilento

Staging Requirements:

  • A 5m x 5m stage space with a clear overhead space of 3.5m (no obstructions)
  • Outdoor venue need minimum of one wall
  • 5x5m wide space (no power outlet is required)

Absolutely brilliant! The light and shade was very interesting... Students were engaged from start to finish. Extremely entertaining. Thank you very, very much! ★★★★★

- Eidvold State High School, QLD

Amazing performance! You were able to deliver some extremely important messages in a mystifying performance. I would see it again! 5 Stars! ★★★★★

- St. Stephen's Lutheran College, QLD