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Clint Bolster’s workshop on discovering one’s inner clown promises students a transformative and entertaining experience. Here’s a breakdown of what students can expect to learn and explore during this workshop:

1. The Simple Clown: Students will begin by exploring the concept of the “Simple Clown.” This foundational character is a starting point for students to tap into their authentic selves and embrace simplicity as a source of humor.

2. The Augustine Clown: Building upon the Simple Clown, students will delve deeper into character development by exploring the Augustine Clown. This stage allows students to add layers of complexity to their clown personas, creating a richer and more nuanced character.

3. The Adult Clown: The workshop progresses to the “Adult Clown,” where students will explore the transformation of their clown personas into more mature and relatable characters. This stage encourages students to embrace vulnerability and authenticity.

4. Character Clown: Students can develop their unique character clowns. This process encourages creativity and self-expression as students define their clown’s distinct traits, quirks, and personalities.

5. Finding the Game: Comedy often revolves around the concept of “the game,” where students will learn to identify and utilize humorous patterns and situations. This skill is vital for creating comedic routines.

6. Checking In & The Rule of 3: Students will explore techniques for engaging with the audience and ensuring a connection. The Rule of 3, a common comedic principle, will be introduced and practiced to create comedic timing and resonance with the audience.

7. Improvisation and Audience Connection: Improvisational skills are crucial to clowning. Students will engage in improvisation exercises to enhance their spontaneity and ability to connect with the audience.

8. Building a Routine: The workshop will create clown routines. Students will apply the concepts and techniques they’ve learned to develop and perform their comedic performances, bringing their clown characters to life.

Clint Bolster’s workshop on discovering one’s inner clown offers students a unique opportunity to explore humor, vulnerability, and authenticity. Through character development, improvisation, and the creation of comedic routines, students develop valuable performance skills and gain a deeper understanding of themselves and the power of laughter. This workshop fosters confidence, creativity, and a sense of playfulness that can benefit students both on and off the stage.

Devised by: Clint Bolster
Directed by: Clint Bolster

Homunculus's workshops were highly entertaining and all students were engaged in all their activities. The expertise they brought to the workshops was invaluable and gave students an insight into performance and clowning. ★★★★★

- Bowen State High School, QLD

Thank you so much for today, we learnt and developed so many skills in such a short amount of time. Through this intensive we took away some very important skills that can be applied throughout our entire theatre course and journey as artists. It was an absolute privilege to work with someone that is so enthusiastic and passionate about their art form. The workshop has inspired us all creatively and sparked our interests in Clowning as a theatre form that is equally as nerve racking as it is exciting.★★★★★

- Queensland Academy Of Creative Industries, QLD

I am a Secondary Drama Teacher at St Joseph's Nudgee College. I have just spent the day with my Year 9 drama students who participated in a Comedy and Clowning Workshop with Clint from Homunculus Theatre Company. Clint led the students through a variety of activities and high energy games all geared toward guiding the students to discover their inner clown. The skills and techniques the students explored in this workshop are absolutely invaluable to their personal development. By the end of the day, the room was buzzing with energy and gratitude for the connection the students had made with Clint and with Clowning. Thank you for a day of joy and a belly full of laughter!★★★★★

- Nudgee College, QLD