12 Apr, 2016

A wonderful start to the next 3 Months:)
Best way to start with a week long Artist In Residence at Helensvale State High School:)
“I want to thank Clint for an absolutely engaging experience with my Year 12 Drama today, as they discovered the fundamentals of the Absurd genre, as part of Homunculus’ Artist-in-Residence program. Through the concept of play, students experienced specific Absurd elements, such as rhythm and timing of movement as well as the unusual use of sound to explore existential philosophies. By always approaching Absurdism through humour and fun, Clint allowed the group to experience the style without the ‘heaviness’ that can sometimes be attributed to this post-modern form and the way it is traditionally taught and experienced.
Clint’s approach to understanding individuals and building relationships with each member of the class was not only appealing but allowed for any self-conscious thoughts to be erased from the class, as each member of the group laughed and participated in the activities provided. Myself and the class look forward to many more experiences as Clint engages us with his expertise and fun this week”.
Brett Edwards, Senior Drama Teacher,Helensvale State High School, QLD