6 Apr, 2016

EXCITING NEWS – I have been accepted to tour with Vamos Theatre Company – -The United Kingdoms leading Mask Company- for 3 Months in 2017 🙂
However I need your help….
Why Vamos? UK-based host company, Vamos is the strongest example of the direction in which I intend to take my practice. Vamos’s challenges and opportunities are paralleled in Queensland, and I intend to learn from their model. Vamos has sustained itself based in Worcester, a city of minimal cultural activity for ten years. Their creatives have sustained their practice in full-mask comedy performance by touring and extensively (regularly to sold out houses) and creating new works/characters between tours. They are amazing mask makers.
The Plan January – February 2017: Immersing myself in company activities and creative processes of Vamos Theatre Co., I will be with the company at their home-base and on “The BEst Thing” tour with them. I intend to absorb both creative and logistical ways of working; and create new masks/characters and write new material with experienced Artistic Director, Rachel Savage. I will tour with the company to the International Mime Festival in London in January 2017, and to at least ten other venues – possible destinations for my own shows in future. In transit, while in Hong Kong and London meet with festival and venue directors, university course conveners; teach a four-day holiday program workshop for Shakespeare 4 All theatre company in Hong Kong.
Vamos company members are very keen to have me with them next year and this is an amazing offer. Without this development opportunity, my work as an artist and the success of Homunculus will be limited to my current skill set.
I would be very grateful to everyone for your support.
A financial gift at this stage will pay off in the future for my creative career and as an investment in new skills for the sector:
Thank you in advance for helping out, it means the world to me:)