25 Feb, 2016

“Students from years 7, 9, 11, and 12 Drama were dazzled by the talent and humour of Homunculus Theatre Company, who entertained all with their comedic, acrobatic and theatrical skills on Wednesday morning. Many students had the opportunity to be involved in the performance, which saw student-actor instrumental collaborations, teachers being picked up and dragged onstage, and plenty of laughs for all. A highlight was observing time and again students who would be otherwise disengaged, become fully invested in and key contributors to the performance. It was AMAZING to see the confidence grow particularly in these students.

“Students in Years 9, 11, and 12 then had the privilege of workshopping many of the techniques and ideas explored in the performance, during a one-hour-long actor-led session. All such students have enthusiastically spoken of the workshop experience and how great it was to tackle team-building through a dramatic lens. It was a wonderful opportunity for students to engage with professionals in the field and to gain inside knowledge of the workings of this genre of theatre.

Cannot wait to have you back again!”

— Anna Parker, St Mary’s College, Maryborough, QLD