25 Feb, 2016

“Thank you Homunculus Theatre Company for a hilarious afternoon of entertainment at Kelvin Grove State College today.
“20 Lazzi’s In A Hat” had our Drama students (and staff) engaged and laughing hysterically (even if kind of worried about their shoes) from start to finish. The performers brought each mask and character to life and cleverly weaved in opportunities to show off their impressive clowning skills and feats of acrobatic strength. Audience interaction was exploited to the fullest, with actors more than ready to extend the offers of our very own little “choir” who took the liberty of joining in the action. The bells were a definite high point of the show and we were very humbled to share in the celebration of Pulcinella’s special day.
Thanks also to Clint for a very informative workshop following the show. Our students go away with lots of ideas about developing their characters further and improvising in response to their audience.’
— Rachel Richmond , Dance and Drama Teacher, Kelvin Grove State College, QLD