4 Feb, 2016

The Reviews are in 🙂

“Homunculus Theatre Company’s new touring show, 20 Lazzis In A Hat is hands down the funniest touring show I have ever seen. Simply put, Clint, Alli and Nick portray a fantastic mix of Commedia characters that each have their own moment in the spotlight to make us laugh, uncontrollably. From the moment the three Pulcinellas came into the foyer the students were in fits of laughter. The interaction with the audience was the highlight for our students as well as the amazing clowning and acrobalance skills of the cast. This is a must see show! 5 Stars!!!”

—Amy Pentis,Creative Industries Drama, Redcliffe SHS, QLD

“The performers had a powerful connection with the audience”
“Absolutely hilarious”
“The bell scene – OMG!”
“Outstanding acting”
“Extra talents were amazing”
“Loved the audience involvement”
“Loved the shoes, auction and the Doctor”
“Loved the Tartaglias

—Audience Members, Redcliffe SHS, QLD