15 Oct, 2015


MICSWAGGER(A.K.A Jordyn): “My favourite part of Clint’s workshop was being able to experience the different high status and low status characters in Commedia dell’arte and to feel comfortable while doing so, thanks Clint for this awesome workshop!!! 🙂 😛 😉 ”

Jasper: “Throughout the workshop I slowly became comfortable with the concept of commedia. I felt that the improvisations made me connect with the characters and made me realise characters that I have the potential of acting out in my assessment. I want to thank you for taking the time out to give us this opportunity to experience commedia from a professional. Thanks for everything from Spongebob”

Joelle – “Hey Clint, the workshop was a very eye-opening experience that challenged everyone to really come out of their shell. At first I didn’t know a thing about Commedia, so I honestly didn’t know what I was doing or who the characters were at the start. ”

Andrew: “Hey clint thanks for the name that I got from you although that i didn’t like it, it was a good workshop that was really intriguing to learn about new ideas for commedia and for other things that we’ll do in drama. Thanks clint for the workshop and hope that you can come back and do it again with us some day.”

Nathaniel: “hey Clint thanks for the time and help that will make my play better thanks and i had the best time while you were here.”

Georgia – “My favourite part of the workshop was when you gave us a scenario or theme that we had to go off to create a performance this was challenging but i was more involved in this activity than others. The part I found most challenging and confronting was the activity that we were given a mask and had to get up and speak while in the character. Overall I really enjoyed the workshop, thanks Clint!!”

Ashleigh (Ginger) – “My favourite part of the Workshop is when you pushed us to do our best. You let us experience the different high and low statuses which let us start to choose and create our own characters. I found it challenging to put on a mask and and improvise off the top of my head with what I know about the character. I found that the more I did the activities and pushed myself to do them, I got more confident in myself and the characters that I played. Overall, I really enjoyed the two day workshop and I feel much more confident in myself and the characters. Thanks Clint!!”

Jake – “I thought that the workshop was very different and confronting. I liked being given a strict scenario to follow and perform; however, I found it challenging to put on a mask and act as a character without being given a topic to speak about. Although I became more comfortable with this towards the end of the workshop, I still found it difficult to enjoy this particular activity. Overall, the workshop was intriguing and` exciting, though at times difficult to feel relaxed.”

Moeisha (Peter Pan) Moyita- “Hey Clint, Thank you for coming out and giving us two really great workshops on Commedia. I really liked how you pushed us to do our best, when we didn’t get to how you wanted us to be you still pushed and challenged us to keep doing our best. When I got told what we was doing I thought it was going to be really slack and boring, but once we got into the workshop I had a lot of fun coming together as a class or a team. You showed us a lot of great ways to be our character etc. I had a really big issue of trying to be the character how we was lining up on the side and trying to think off the top of our head. But anyway thank you”