24 Aug, 2015

“I approached Homunculus Theatre Company because I was looking for an informative and enjoyable workshop to introduce my students to the theatrical style of Commedia dell’Arte.
Our work with Clint Bolster, Artistic Director and Workshop Facilitator for Homunculus, aimed to provide the students with an understanding of the origins of Commedia dell’Arte, an introduction to the stock characters and an overview of the skills of mask – Homunculus surpassed these expectations.
Not only were these preliminary aims achieved but students were also given the opportunity to practice and develop their improvisational skills and their ability to interact with the audience.In particular, I appreciated the way Clint broke down the basics of the acting style of Commedia and guided students through the process of embodying the stock characters. This process allowed the students to build unique and humorous characters from scratch. Students were engaged and inspired by Clint’s lively and approachable manner. He was encouraging, professional and fostered an artistically rich environment where students felt confident to create.
The skills learnt in this workshop are already being reflected in my students’ work since returning to the classroom. Both I and the students found the experience educational and fun and I would highly recommend Homunculus Theatre Company to other educators or anyone looking to have a laugh and be entertained!”
—Ashleigh Stewart,Drama Teacher, St Eugene College. QLD