24 Aug, 2015

“The performance was hilarious, and I loved the audience interaction. I really liked how the cast adapted to any mistakes they made as well as all the noises from the strings. The show was filled with funny moments and I’m really glad I saw it.”
“My favourite part of the play was when the pointed out people and laughed with them. I loved their costumes and voices. I loved the whole thing.” – Caitlin, Year 7
“Thank you for the amazing show that you performed. I really enjoyed the inclusion of the audience and the costumes.”
“I liked, LOVED everything, especially everything! DON’T CHANGE A THING!” – Batman.
“I really liked… well, everything, really, but the innuendos were hilarious. Keep it up!”
“I loved the performance as it was interactive and engaging. I enjoyed every part of it! It was very clever and I think that anyone and everyone should see it. ***** 5 stars!”
“The performance was really interactive, funny and outrageous (in a good way). It was really interesting and silly which is unusual and cool. I would give it 20 out of 5 stars!”
“It was an amazing performance. It was inspiring and hilarious. The actors were incredible and funny. The whole show was a laugh and I was never bored.”
“I loved everything, especially the silliness.”