4 Jun, 2015

Week 7 has arrived!
The weeks go by so quickly when you’re having fun. It was straight back into directing the students this week in their upcoming performances.
It was good to see some of the students had done their homework and were prepared for today’s class. One student was so prepared that she had written her own script in her own time, and did such a wonderful job that it has made it into the performance!
It’s always fantastic to see the students show enthusiasm and take part in creating the pieces. Student’s have some of the best imaginations, so the Homunculus team love to acknowledge that and allow them the opportunity to be involved in the creative process.
Bit by bit, the performance pieces are slowly coming together. It takes a lot of focus, requires the students to work well together as a team, and remember that it takes a lot of practice to polish it and make it performance ready.
The students moved forward and provided lots of laughs as they rehearsed today. If the rehearsals are anything to go by, the audience are going to have a great time watching these students transform, tell stories and entertain.
See you next week to do it all again Dayboro!