1 Jun, 2015

After arriving in Moree Sunday night, Lauren and Clint were greeted with a cold change in the weather early Monday morning, as they ventured to St Philomena’s for a day full of workshops and performance. The first workshop was to look at story telling through drama, and the second workshop focusing on clown. The year 3’s and 4’s who attended workshop #1 displayed a high level of willingness to participate and creativity. Drama was clearly a strong point with these students and they took to the exercises like pro’s. There was never any hesitation or blocking off the imagination, it was simply students finding the joy in playing and accepting the never ending possibilities of creating performance. The year 5’s and 6’s were also standouts in their clown exercises, learning the importance in ‘it’s ok to be silly’, finding the comedy and sharing it with their audience. We also looked at clown as an ensemble as well as individually, learning along the way that playing with the ‘joy’ makes a huge difference in creating laughs on stage. With such a fun and exciting day already had in the workshops, the students were mega pumped and keen for the afternoon performance of “Thoughts have feelings too”. So many laughs were had, and so much energy filled the performance space. The students especially loved the interactive nature of Lauren and Clint’s characters at the start of the show, which made them feel involved throughout the rest of the performance. Thank you for your commitment and laughter today St Philomena’s! See you next year!