7 May, 2015

This week we said goodbye to the rain, and hello to sunshine and imaginative play! What better way to start the day than to leave our reality checked minds at the door and broaden our creative way of thinking? Let’s look at the objects around us in a different light- is that a piece of cloth? Or is it in fact, Rapunzel’s long golden locks? Maybe it’s the fiery breath of an evil dragon? Anything is possible. The students showed this when being asked to take themselves out of their normal way of thinking and show off their creative eye. Throw in some performance elements to it, as well as character definition, and the students began to show Lauren and Clint that there was plenty of hidden talent amongst the groups…Performing in front of an audience is not always easy. Especially if you’ve never done it before and you lack confidence in this area. Today the students were kick-started into keeping focus during performing, as well as detailing their characterisation. They learned how relevant a backstory was to fine-tuning their characters, and how threading together the beginning, middle and ending to the story can result in a polished performance. Well done Dayboro- what a rewarding and fun day. See you next week!