3 May, 2015

It may have been rainy and miserable outside, but that didn’t dampen the excitement of the students for their week two of drama fun!
The nicknames that were given to Artistic Director Clint Bolster and Ensemble Member Lauren O’Rourke the previous week had stuck like super glue, and the students greeted “Chicken” and “Ice cream” with enthusiasm to boot.
This week we had a Griffith University Applied Theatre Secondment student, Brady McCauley, join the Homunculus Duo! He too got to join in the fun with the Dayboro crew and walked away with the new name of – “Bacon”. Yes… Bacon. (The magic of a child’s imagination…) Week two had the team introduce the character “Shaun” to all of the students. Shaun is a beloved masked character, young and naive, with a vocabulary of just one word- “Shaun”. Once dividing the students up into groups, the students became a family of Shaun’s, and discovered the space as if they were seeing it for the first time. All the while through the eyes of Shaun. They had to work closely together in their groups, never straying far from each other in their journey around the space, learning to stay connected to both the audience and themselves. A few lucky students even got to have a play with wearing the ‘Shaun’ mask. This always provides some good laughs amongst the students and staff! The exercise of these characters will be used to develop a performance piece for the end of term showcase. From watching the students commit to the character of “Shaun” and explore the space at hand, it lead to opening a door of performance ideas and possibilities which will be exciting to see develop over the remaining weeks. Thanks for another week of fun guys!