25 Mar, 2015

“I direct and program DramaFest LINKS, an annual program of weekend workshops focusing on various aspects of theatre held at the Redlands Performing Arts Centre..

Clint Bolster (Homunculus Theatre) was recommended to me as the idea person to devise and run a workshop on clowning and the use of masks in theatre. Booking him was one of the smartest moves I’ve ever made.

Clint’s wide experience and intuitive understanding of the medium is instantly apparent. Not only does he have an amazing grasp of the genre, he has the additional, distinct skill of being able to impart that understanding quickly and precisely, in this case to a quite challenging group of participants. Ages ranged from ten to seventy and included one individual with impaired attention spans and another with a physical impairment, Individual levels of theatrical experience – and confidence – ranged from quite a bit to none at all but in no time flat Clint had had welded the disparate parts into a united whole and the learning experience took off like a rocket.

Confidence levels soared, body language blossomed, previously inaudible voices were suddenly reaching the back row, individuals connected and cared, and there were complaints of faces aching from laughter.

It’s quite the most amazing off-stage theatrical experience I’ve ever witnessed and I can’t begin to estimate how much it enriched those taking part or how big an impact it will have on local theatre groups.

Participants are already nagging me to book Clint again. They don’t have to; I’ve already made up my mind.”

Jan Nary, Redfest Drama Festival Director, DramaFest Links Producer