Homunculus Tour

22 Jan, 2015


Lauren and Clint set up and packed down the sets for both shows today, for the last time on this tour!

With a morning performance of “The Spirit of the Mask” at Bentley Park College and an afternoon performance of “Thoughts Have Feelings Too” at Miallo State School , it was time to say “goodbye for now” to the characters that the actors have had so much fun performing over the past 4 weeks.

From performing to school audiences of over 300, to an audience of 10- the actors proved that there is still life in commedia!

The actors have been delighted, surprised, impressed and challenged by the students that they have performed to on this tour. Never knowing what’s going to happen, and leaving with satisfaction and joy that they were able to offer something to these schools that inspired and created full body laughter.

Tomorrow Lauren and Clint start their journey back to Brisbane, stopping off at Harvey Bay next week for one last workshop!

Cairns- thank you for your glorious weather, hospitality and laughter this week!


Thursday saw Lauren and Clint separate and lead workshops at different schools- Clint, at St Augustines, and Lauren at Trinity Bay High School.

Three groups of 30 grade 8 boys awaited Clint when he arrived at St Augustines. Similar to yesterday’s lesson, Clint led them through an introduction to clown, with a specialised focus on working with mask. These boys went from never having done drama, to wanting to sign up for drama in year 9. There was full body laughter, with a boy laughing so hard that he fell to the floor, causing the mandarin left in his pocket to explode! Brilliant:)

Meanwhile, over at Trinity Bay High School, Lauren was having a blast teaching clown to her students. As it was a 5 hr workshop, these students were able to really dig their claws into the different areas covered. The length of the workshop allowed them to play with lots of exercises that had the students dive into solo work, complicite, working as an ensemble, routines, audience connection, truth and emotion, “playing the game” and finding their inner joy in it all.

The students were pushed out of their comfort zones, and were given exercises of an advanced level to challenge them. From here they will go on to devise a group clown performance, using the tools they gained in today’s workshop.

If their work in the exercises are anything to go by, their end performance should be hilariously entertaining!

Thanks for the laughs guys!


After a full day of performances yesterday, Lauren and Clint had a break from the shows and spent their Wednesday running workshops.

First workshop of the day was at Freshwater Christian College .The students were given an introduction to clown and mask, and reminded that a bit of silliness is not a bad thing. That sometimes, it’s okay not to take ourselves so seriously, and to start to look at the world as though we are seeing everything for the first time. Discovering and believing, and finding the joy in doing so, takes you a long way with your creativity.

It was on to St Augustines College after we had finished at Freshwater , where two groups of grade 8 boys awaited us. These boys had never done drama before, and the enthusiasm they brought into the room was wonderful. They did not shy from any exercise and they left the day willing to continue exploring drama.

What better way to end the day?

Thanks for your commitment today guys!


There is always a school on a tour that stands out in a performers memory of just how wonderful, open minded and giving they were as audience members, and today, Woree State High School was that school.

With two back to back shows and full to capacity of 300 in each, of “The Spirit Of The Mask”, these students wowed the performers with their fun spirit and good sportsmanship. The first show was enjoyed so much that not only did it go overtime due to amazing audience interaction providing wonderful comedy, but some students begged their teacher to let them watch the second show too!

Thank you, for giving the performers the permission to “play”.

Thank you, for riding the wave of laughter with the performers.

And thank you, for entering the space with open minds from word go, bringing joy and good humour.

To say you were a lot of fun is an understatement!

Although exhausted from all the performing and laughter, once the last show was finished, it was time to quickly pack up and venture on to St Mary’s Catholic College where Lauren and Clint would once again perform “The Spirit Of The Mask”, followed by a workshop. While this audience was a much smaller group of about 40, size did not stop the show from being well received by the audience.

The workshop gave the students further insight into the fundamentals of clown and mask, leaving them with some food for thought.

Such a busy and rewarding day!

Thanks for the memories guys:)


After arriving in Townsville Friday evening, Lauren and Clint had a chilled out weekend in preparation for the busy week ahead of them in Cairns.

But before heading to their Cairns destination, they would first perform “The Spirit of the Mask” at Townsville State High School. An intimate group of 30 students, this show was performed in their drama room- this space leaving the actors to really be “amongst” the audience. The actors fed off the vocal audience and were delightfully entertained by their enthusiastic participation.

When the students interact with the characters as much as they did today, it’s so much fun for Lauren and Clint to bring their characters to life, and more importantly- it’s the best way to demonstrate to the students what Commedia is all about.

These commedia characters did not perform in front of a quiet audience. Instead they would perform amongst people yelling out and putting themselves in amongst the theatrical action. Which is exactly what these students did today.

What a great way to say goodbye to Townsville:)

Bravo guys, you were a lot of fun!


The Whitsunday’s turned on the glorious sunshine and warm weather for us at Cannonvale State School on Friday.

What better way to end the week with two performances of ” Thoughts have Feelings too”! With 600 students in the audience, the laughs were infectious and the spirits were high. The children were engaged with the performance from word go, and enjoyed the characters that the actors played. ‘Clown’ even found herself in a student mosh pit, with the students’ keen for her to join their school group!

Questions asked by the students at the end of the show, displayed their understanding of the message being carried out in the performance, as well as their appreciation of the performance itself.The show received glowing reviews and the performers had a ball.

Thanks for having us Cannonvale!


Another huge day for Lauren and Clint, as they started off with the first performance of “Thoughts Have Feelings Too” at St. Catherine Catholic College, Mercy campus. With the space being off the classrooms and the set visible to the students before the show, the performers upped the play and character interaction with the students prior to the performance. This was a great way to get the children excited about the performance and start the laughs early. The laughs continued throughout the rest of the show, and it was great to see the teachers letting their hair down and getting in on the laughs as well, with one teacher making a comment post performance that it was lovely to have a performance that “wasn’t patronising the children”.

After the show, it was a quick turn around before the next “Thoughts Have Feelings Too” performance at the middle campus. Although the same show, it felt like a completely different performance with the change in grades. With some older students in the audience, the performers adjusted the show slightly to fit better with an older age group to great affect 

After the performance, Lauren and Clint then ran a workshop with the senior students and gave them an introductory to clown and mask. These students had never had a workshop at the school before, ever, so it was a great learning experience for them. It was lovely to share the benefits of drama and demonstrate the wonderful weapon of laughter.

Thank you Proserpine for your laughter, creativity and generosity of spirit:)

See you next year !


Wednesday brought the goods for Homunculus with St Mary’s catholic school.

From the moment Lauren and Clint arrived, the staff and students were welcoming, lovely and above all- enthusiastic. The principal was a breath of fresh air with his positive attitude towards creative learning, and the acknowledgment that laughter goes a long way. This same attitude was evident within all his staff, and as a result, the students.

“Thoughts have feelings too” was performed to 400 children and they loved it. So many laughs, with new discoveries during the performances, due to the students keen interaction.

Thanks for a memorable day St Mary’s!


After a successful day at Mercy College on Monday, Tuesday saw Lauren and Clint at Holy Spirit College with a morning performance of “Spirit of the Mask”. It was a smaller audience today, and although a bit shy at first, they started to open up and play in the spirit of commedia to the point of hysterics

Following the performance, Lauren and Clint led the students through a clown and mask workshop. The students were keen, and brought to the workshop a positive energy and the willingness to play.

After saying goodbye to Holy Spirit, the performers then quickly headed to Farleigh State School to lead the students there in a primary workshop. The students were ready for some fun and their creativity was evident in the exercises. Working as a team, confidence building, mask, and creative thinking were explored, and the children were a delight in doing so.

Thanks for the fun guys, hopefully we can play again next year!


Goodbye Rockhampton and hello Mackay!

After arriving in Mackay on Sunday afternoon, Lauren and Clint began their week at Mercy College bright and early on Monday morning. They performed ‘Spirit of the Mask’ and both students and teachers were wonderful audience members. There were lots of laughs, and the students were playing the game with the actors from word go.

After lunch, they then ran a workshop with the students from both mercy college and marani high, looking at mask and clown. The students were bold, took risks and enjoyed the art of play.

Later that afternoon, Clint and Lauren then led the teachers in a professional development. The focus was on basic clown techniques and exercises that they can use in also commedia and confidence building. The teachers were wonderful and took to the exercises like a duck to water. It was great to see them not be afraid to learn on their feet and take themselves out of their comfort zone.

Thanks for your lovely welcome and laughs mercy college!


What a delightfully fun day Friday was for Lauren and Clint! Today they were welcomed by Heights College for a morning show of ‘The Spirit of the Mask’. With it being a smaller audience of around 50, the show had a more intimate vibe to it. With commedia being so wonderfully interactive with its audiences, this smaller audience were brilliant in giving to the performers and shaking up the energy and rhythm of the show to adjust with it’s audience size, leaving the room to feel as though it was an audience of 400. Wonderful students, and wonderfully refreshing for the performers.

After the show, 30 students attended a 2 hour workshop. Today’s workshop would be broken into 2- The first hour looking at Mask, and the second hour exploring clown.

The students took to them like pros. Breaking down the fear barrier and pre-conceived notions of both subjects, students found themselves playing in their state of inner joy and gave themselves permission to open up to not just their audiences, but their own creative selves.

Thanks for having us Heights College!


After leaving Emerald on Tuesday, Lauren and Clint headed onward to Yeppoon! Due to bumping the travel day forward, Wednesday ended up being a day off! Thankfully, it was a beautiful day in Yeppoon and Clint and Lauren were able to enjoy some fresh air and sun at the beach and relax.

Thursday morning saw them perform “Thoughts have feelings too” in front of 300 students at Berserker Primary School, Rockhampton. This show is always a favourite of Lauren and Clint’s to perform, and today’s show was no exception. They laughed and joined them for the ride, with the staff even getting in on the fun.

It’s always interesting to hear the questions that the primary students ask at the end of the show. (Guaranteed that there will be a question at some point about Clint’s hair…) Today, amongst questions, it became evident that these students had really connected with the message of the show and were interested in the different constructions, both characters and comedically, that contributed to relaying the story. Impressive, and rewarding. Let’s hope that the students of Berserker can take today’s performance with them, and apply it to their everyday lives.

Thanks for the laughs guys!


It was a sleepy sort of weekend in Barcaldine for Clint and Lauren. They ventured out and saw some local sights, rested and prepped for the coming week…

First performance for the 2nd week of tour was the primary show- “Thoughts have Feelings too”. Grades prep-7 joined us to watch the show. The students were having a great time, getting to know the characters on stage and involving themselves in the story. The primary show is such a delight to perform, with the material working a treat with the students, allowing both performers and the audience to have a whole lot of fun. It’s interactive, which the students appreciate, and it doesn’t patronise them but moreso uses humour and comedic characters as a strong point for story telling and educating. The Barcaldine primary students were a joy to entertain.

After a quick break, Lauren and Clint then went on to lead some of the primary students in a workshop, looking at building confidence and creative minds, working as an ensemble, and mask work.

Then, it was time to pack the car and get back on the road to head to the next stop over destination- Emerald. Thanks Barcaldine, it’s been fun!


To end the first week of tour, Friday morning delivered the goods with Barcaldine State School. Lauren and Clint welcomed in the morning’s audience, who sure knew how to have a good laugh and appreciate the fun nature of the show. There were no held-back reactions, no judgement, just pure in-the-moment fun and silliness. Clint even found another student who shared his name- first time ever in his touring career! Student Clint wasn’t as tall as him though…

In Regional areas, it’s very hard to get performances out to schools and ‘Spirit of the Mask’ will be the only show that Barcaldine State School will get to see this year. How wonderful that their only performance will be that of a comedy/commedia piece, and being able to see how much the ‘art of play’ can bring to not only a performance space, but to their every day lives.

After a morning tea break, Lauren and Clint returned to run a 2 hour workshop with the students. They looked at both clown and mask work. From already performing to the students, Lauren and Clint knew that they were going to be spoiled with enthusiasm and energy from them. They weren’t disappointed. The students took to the workshop like a duck to water. They showed joy in what they did, and were fast to learn the different techniques shown to them, leaving Lauren and Clint on a high to end their first week, and eager to return to the school Monday morning.


Wednesday Morning saw Lauren and Clint up bright and early at Roma State College, ready to perform ‘The Spirit of the Mask’. It was an extra special performance for Lauren in particular, as it was her old school. Performing at her old stomping grounds, in front of teachers who used to teach her, will go down in this tour as one of her highlights for sure. The students at Roma State College were wonderful. Even the heavy rain shower mid-show did not deter their focus towards the show, and both teachers and students were engaged in the performance until the end.

Post show, when students found out that Lauren was from Roma, keen performers were eager to ask plenty of questions about getting into the field. Coming from a small town, it’s sometimes easy to get trapped into thinking that there’s no opportunities for those not living in the city, and that it’s ‘too hard’. It was nice to see the students’ way of thinking change post show, after some stories and advice.

Next up on the touring schedule- Barcaldine. But to break up the journey, Lauren and Clint would stay in Blackall overnight. Thursday morning, it was back in the car and onwards to Barcaldine, where Lauren and Clint will call home until Monday afternoon…


Day 2 of the Cairns tour saw Lauren and Clint venture to Yuleba and Miles.

At 9am, the students of Yuleba State School participated in a workshop which focused on building confidence, physicality’s, characterisation and mask. The children were open and honest in their work, and not afraid to explore. It was a rewarding delight for Lauren and Clint to tap into the creative side of these students, and bring a little drama to the school space. Once the workshop had ended, it was straight into the car and back on the road. This time to Miles State High School…

Up went the set for ‘Spirit of the Mask’, out came the costumes, and on went the show after the student’s lunch break ended. And what a fun show it was. With the entire school there to enjoy the performance, Lauren and Clint found such joy in performing their characters today, as the audience gave them so much to play with. The students who volunteered to be up on stage were accepting and willing to play the game, and everyone was discovering the beauty that is Commedia. There were lots of laughs, and lots of discoveries on stage.

When the show was over, Lauren and Clint took some time to chat to some of the students and teachers. Throughout discussion, it was mentioned that the school no longer had drama in their curriculum, and how wonderful it was that they were able to come and perform for them today. It’s moments like this you remember how powerful drama can be within schools, and how disappointing it is that not all schools are privileged with it.

After a quick rest and bite to eat post show, Lauren and Clint then ran a clown workshop for some of the students, before heading back to Roma.

All in all, it was a rewarding day.


Bright and early on the morning of July 14th, (a day also known as CLINT’S BIRTHDAY!) just as the hustle and bustle of the city traffic started to rear its head from underneath the weekend blankets- Lauren and Clint bundled into the car; full of costumes, sets and props, and began their journey. This vehicle will become a familiar hub for them during the next 4 weeks as they embark on their tour to Cairns.

First school on the tour’s agenda? Dalby State High School. Making it to Dalby in good time, with a quick bite to eat beforeheand, Lauren and Clint set up at the school and performed ‘Spirit of the Mask’ for grades 8-12. Not before the students all sang Clint a big Happy Birthday though!

The audience were fun, and Lauren and Clint had fun performing for them. What a great way to start the tour. After a quick 5 min break, a Commedia workshop followed the performance, before they packed everything up, got back in the car and headed towards their next destination- Roma.

Awaiting them in Roma was Lauren’s family, with whom Lauren and Clint would be staying with for the next couple of nights. What a long day. The tiredness seemed to have kicked in as soon the luggage had been plonked down on the bedroom floor. Dinner, showers and sleep.


For today was a big one, and it was just the beginning…