8 Aug, 2014

Thursday saw Lauren and Clint separate and lead workshops at different schools- Clint, at St Augustines, and Lauren at Trinity Bay High School.

Three groups of 30 grade 8 boys awaited Clint when he arrived at St Augustines. Similar to yesterday’s lesson, Clint led them through an introduction to clown, with a specialised focus on working with mask. These boys went from never having done drama, to wanting to sign up for drama in year 9. There was full body laughter, with a boy laughing so hard that he fell to the floor, causing the mandarin left in his pocket to explode! Brilliant:)

Meanwhile, over at Trinity Bay High School, Lauren was having a blast teaching clown to her students. As it was a 5 hr workshop, these students were able to really dig their claws into the different areas covered. The length of the workshop allowed them to play with lots of exercises that had the students dive into solo work, complicite, working as an ensemble, routines, audience connection, truth and emotion, “playing the game” and finding their inner joy in it all.

The students were pushed out of their comfort zones, and were given exercises of an advanced level to challenge them. From here they will go on to devise a group clown performance, using the tools they gained in today’s workshop.

If their work in the exercises are anything to go by, their end performance should be hilariously entertaining!

Thanks for the laughs guys!