5 Aug, 2014

There is always a school on a tour that stands out in a performers memory of just how wonderful, open minded and giving they were as audience members, and today, Woree State High School was that school.

With two back to back shows and full to capacity of 300 in each, of “The Spirit Of The Mask”, these students wowed the performers with their fun spirit and good sportsmanship. The first show was enjoyed so much that not only did it go overtime due to amazing audience interaction providing wonderful comedy, but some students begged their teacher to let them watch the second show too!

Thank you, for giving the performers the permission to “play”.

Thank you, for riding the wave of laughter with the performers.

And thank you, for entering the space with open minds from word go, bringing joy and good humour.

To say you were a lot of fun is an understatement!

Although exhausted from all the performing and laughter, once the last show was finished, it was time to quickly pack up and venture on to St Mary’s Catholic College where Lauren and Clint would once again perform “The Spirit Of The Mask”, followed by a workshop. While this audience was a much smaller group of about 40, size did not stop the show from being well received by the audience.

The workshop gave the students further insight into the fundamentals of clown and mask, leaving them with some food for thought.

Such a busy and rewarding day!

Thanks for the memories guys:)