4 Aug, 2014

After arriving in Townsville Friday evening, Lauren and Clint had a chilled out weekend in preparation for the busy week ahead of them in Cairns.

But before heading to their Cairns destination, they would first perform “The Spirit of the Mask” at Townsville State High School. An intimate group of 30 students, this show was performed in their drama room- this space leaving the actors to really be “amongst” the audience. The actors fed off the¬†vocal audience and were delightfully entertained by their enthusiastic participation.

When the students interact with the characters as much as they did today, it’s so much fun for Lauren and Clint to bring their characters to life, and more importantly- it’s the best way to demonstrate to the students what commedia is all about.

These commedia characters did not perform in front of a quiet audience. Instead they would perform amongst people yelling out and putting themselves in amongst the theatrical action. Which is exactly what these students did today.

What a great way to say goodbye to Townsville:)

Bravo guys, you were a lot of fun!