2 Aug, 2014

Another huge day for Lauren and Clint, as they started off with the first performance of “Thoughts Have Feelings Too” at St. Catherine Catholic College, Mercy campus. With the space being off the classrooms and the set visible to the students before the show, the performers upped the play and character interaction with the students prior to the performance. This was a great way to get the children excited about the performance and start the laughs early. The laughs continued throughout the rest of the show, and it was great to see the teachers letting their hair down and getting in on the laughs as well, with one teacher making a comment post performance that it was lovely to have a performance that “wasn’t patronising the children”.

After the show, it was a quick turn around before the next “Thoughts Have Feelings Too” performance at the middle campus. Although the same show, it felt like a completely different performance with the change in grades. With some older students in the audience, the performers adjusted the show slightly to fit better with an older age group to great affect 

After the performance, Lauren and Clint then ran a workshop with the senior students and gave them an introductory to clown and mask. These students had never had a workshop at the school before, ever, so it was a great learning experience for them. It was lovely to share the benefits of drama and demonstrate the wonderful weapon of laughter.

Thank you Proserpine for your laughter, creativity and generosity of spirit:)

See you next year !