29 Jul, 2014

Goodbye Rockhampton and hello Mackay!

After arriving in Mackay on Sunday afternoon, Lauren and Clint began their week at Mercy¬†College bright and early on Monday morning. They performed ‘Spirit of the Mask’ and both students and teachers were wonderful audience members. There were lots of laughs, and the students were playing the game with the actors from word go.

After lunch, they then ran a workshop with the students from both mercy college and marani high, looking at mask and clown. The students were bold, took risks and enjoyed the art of play.

Later that afternoon, Clint and Lauren then led the teachers in a professional development. The focus was on basic clown techniques and exercises that they can use in also commedia and confidence building. The teachers were wonderful and took to the exercises like a duck to water. It was great to see them not be afraid to learn on their feet and take themselves out of their comfort zone.

Thanks for your lovely welcome and laughs mercy college!