25 Jul, 2014

What a delightfully fun day Friday was for Lauren and Clint!

Today they were welcomed by Heights College for a morning show of ‘The Spirit of the Mask’. With it being a smaller audience of around 50, the show had a more intimate vibe to it. With commedia being so wonderfully interactive with its audiences, this smaller audience were brilliant in giving to the performers and shaking up the energy and rhythm of the show to adjust with it’s audience size, leaving the room to feel as though it was an audience of 400. Wonderful students, and wonderfully refreshing for the performers.

After the show, 30 students attended a 2 hour workshop. Today’s workshop would be broken into 2- The first hour looking at Mask, and the second hour exploring clown.  The students took to them like pros. Breaking down the fear barrier and pre-conceived notions of both subjects, students found themselves playing in their state of inner joy and gave themselves permission to open up to not just their audiences, but their own creative selves.

Thanks for having us Heights College!