18 Jul, 2014

To end the first week of tour, Friday morning delivered the goods with Barcaldine State School. Lauren and Clint welcomed in the morning’s audience, who sure knew how to have a good laugh and appreciate the fun nature of the show. There were no held-back reactions, no judgement, just pure in-the-moment fun and silliness. Clint even found another student who shared his name- first time ever in his touring career! Student Clint wasn’t as tall as him though…

In Regional areas, it’s very hard to get performances out to schools and ‘Spirit of the Mask’ will be the only show that Barcaldine State School will get to see this year. How wonderful that their only performance will be that of a comedy/commedia piece, and being able to see how much the ‘art of play’ can bring to not only a performance space, but to their every day lives.

After a morning tea break, Lauren and Clint returned to run a 2 hour workshop with the students. They looked at both clown and mask work. From already performing to the students, Lauren and Clint knew that they were going to be spoiled with enthusiasm and energy from them. They weren’t disappointed. The students took to the workshop like a duck to water. They showed joy in what they did, and were fast to learn the different techniques shown to them, leaving Lauren and Clint on a high to end their first week, and eager to return to the school Monday morning.