17 Jul, 2014


Day 2 of the Cairns tour saw Lauren and Clint venture to Yuleba and Miles.

At 9am, the students of Yuleba State School participated in a workshop which focused on building confidence, physicality’s, characterisation and mask. The children were open and honest in their work, and not afraid to explore. It was a rewarding delight for Lauren and Clint to tap into the creative side of these students, and bring a little drama to the school space. Once the workshop had ended, it was straight into the car and back on the road. This time to Miles State High School…

Up went the set for ‘Spirit of the Mask’, out came the costumes, and on went the show after the student’s lunch break ended. And what a fun show it was. With the entire school there to enjoy the performance, Lauren and Clint found such joy in performing their characters today, as the audience gave them so much to play with. The students who volunteered to be up on stage were accepting and willing to play the game, and everyone was discovering the beauty that is Commedia. There were lots of laughs, and lots of discoveries on stage.

When the show was over, Lauren and Clint took some time to chat to some of the students and teachers. Throughout discussion, it was mentioned that the school no longer had drama in their curriculum, and how wonderful it was that they were able to come and perform for them today. It’s moments like this you remember how powerful drama can be within schools, and how disappointing it is that not all schools are privileged with it.

After a quick rest and bite to eat post show, Lauren and Clint then ran a clown workshop for some of the students, before heading back to Roma.

All in all, it was a rewarding day.