17 Jul, 2014

Bright and early on the morning of July 14th, (a day also known as CLINT’S BIRTHDAY!) just as the hustle and bustle of the city traffic started to rear its head from underneath the weekend blankets- Lauren and Clint bundled into the car; full of costumes, sets and props, and began their journey. This vehicle will become a familiar hub for them during the next 4 weeks as they embark on their tour to Cairns.

First school on the tour’s agenda? Dalby State High School. Making it to Dalby in good time, with a quick bite to eat beforeheand, Lauren and Clint set up at the school and performed ‘Spirit of the Mask’ for grades 8-12. Not before the students all sang Clint a big Happy Birthday though!

The audience were fun, and Lauren and Clint had fun performing for them. What a great way to start the tour. After a quick 5 min break, a Commedia workshop followed the performance, before they packed everything up, got back in the car and headed towards their next destination- Roma.

Awaiting them in Roma was Lauren’s family, with whom Lauren and Clint would be staying with for the next couple of nights. What a long day. The tiredness seemed to have kicked in as soon the luggage had been plonked down on the bedroom floor. Dinner, showers and sleep.


For today was a big one, and it was just the beginning…