Artist in Residencies!

16 Mar, 2014

As we enter into our 3rd AIR at Clayfield College, the slate is blank, we have no idea what we’re going to make. And yet in two months we will have a show! It will be funny and outrageous and hopefully moving and thought-provoking too. Naturally we are concerned about the finished product but it’s good to remember how important the process is for the students.

I’m just going to say it. Life changing. There.

This article by Cathy Perry, Head of Drama at Clayfield College, looks at how students, in this case girls, benefit from an AIR Drama program. It’s a great reminder that the outcome is more than just a show.

Engaging girls through the creative artsCLAYFIELD COLLEGE

AIRs encourage creativity, confidence, teamwork, self-awareness and perseverance, and whether students continue in the performing arts beyond high school or not, they will be ahead of the game because these traits translate to any endeavour.

High expectations yield high results. There is the expectation of a professional process and performance, so a new level of maturity, commitment and focus is demanded. This is especially so when the show is going to be staged at a professional venue, not just the school hall.   When the AIR program occurs year in year out the younger students see the show and are inspired, they think about what they’re going to do when it’s their turn and thus a wonderful culture is born

But for the artists too, AIRs offer so much: A chance to flex creative muscles, try new things, hone skills, stay in touch with ‘the youth’ (something that many artists do not get the opportunity to do). It’s exciting to be able to collaborate with young people because they’re perspective is always different, fresh, novel. To lead them through this process of discovery is a real privilege.