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Manoeuvre is Queensland’s premier roving stilt performance company which has been providing roving stilt acts to Product Launces, Shopping Centres, Community Events, Festivals, Parades, Weddings, Nightclubs and Corporate Events worldwide for over 25 years to over 4.5million audiences. Much more than simply “walkers”, these Stilt Performers (highly trainied dancers & physical theatre performers), whilst strutting, looping and dancing through the crowd, stimulate the imagination, inspire joy and offer an engaging, playful and interactive experience for audiences of various sizes. Manoeuvre performers are able to duck under doorways, travel in lifts and walk short distances in lower clearance areas, up and down hills and beaches.

Expo 88 Originals, they entertained the masses at Woodford Folk Festival for ten years, and make regular appearances at The Brisbane EKKA, Brisbane Festival, Nundah Festival and Childers Multicultural Festival. They have performed at the opening of Louis Vuitton Stores in Singapore, and have had Year-Long  Residencies at The Family Night Club Brisbane, to name a few. Manoeuvres characters are available separately or in combination. While they most frequently appear as a duo, they are also available as solo characters or in groups of 3, 4 or 5.


Recently Manoeuvre received funding from Arts QLD to promote Manoeuvre in London- from this Manoeuvre is now represented by 64 agents in Australia, United Kingdom, Europe, The Middle East, America and Asia.

Some Past International credits:

  • Louis Vutton Singapore

  • Japanese TV- Animals & Talented People

  • Audi Launch Seoul Korea

  • The Mall Of Egypt – 10 Days

  • Temple Festival Thailand – 10 Days

  • Mombai Grand Prix


Manoeuvre has had numerous residencies between 6 – 12 months at The Family Nightclub & The Wickham Hotel.


While Manoeuvre performances are not stage shows per se, Manoeuvre are able to effectively hold an audience in an informal or semi-formal setting. For example, Jack and Jack have performed a 20-minute set in front of a grandstand at the races in Mombai, India; and Blax have performed for a seated audience at an Audi launch in Seoul, Korea.

Manoeuvre characters can also be combined with other performers within a larger performance context.


  • A dry and/or non-slip surface
  • 4m overhead clearance for the most part*
  • A dressing room with:
    • Same Level or lift access to performance areas
    • A “stilt up area”, being a surface upon which to sit whilst putting on stilts. It should be about the height of a wheelie bin or a chair upon a table, and within the dressing room
    • Basic Furnishings “Back Stage” access to toilets & running water, mirror and good lighting

Manoeuvre performers are able to duck under doorways, travel in lifts and walk distances in lower clearance areas, up and down hills and beaches.