2018 Ensemble


Clint Bolster

Co-Artistic Director, Actor, Workshop Facilitator


  • Actor
  • Theatrical Clown
  • Commedia Dell’Arte Specialist
  • Stilt Performer
  • Trainer

Trained At:

  • Queensland University of Technology
  • VAMOS Theatre Company UK
  • Queensland Shakespeare Enselmble
  • Theatre Activ8
  • Marie Dumont
  • Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre
  • Frank Theatre
  • Debase Productions
  • Expressions Dance Company
  • 2 Ballerinas
  • Queensland Ballet
  • The Angry Mime
  • Transient Theatre Company
  • Lightwire Theatrical Productions


Clint Bolster is a prominent Character Actor, Theatrical Clown, Commedia Dell’Arte & Mask Theatre Specialist, Stilt Performer & Trainer and Teaching Artist in Queensland. His noted skills have been developed over the past 15 years through extensive training and performance experience locally, nationally and internationally in Australia, United Kingdom, Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan.

Recently accepted into the  Cirque du Soleil team of Clowns for future productions.

He also plays the German Hand Bells.


  • Actor in Shock Therapy Productions, Welcome To Sameville for  The Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games. (2018).
  • Artist In Residence with German based Mask Theatre Company – Familie Floz in Italy (July 2018)
  • Artist In Residence with Antonio Fava – Commedia Specialist – in Italy (August 2018).
        • Writer, Director & Performer in Behind The Mask in Hong Kong – an original sketch comedy show. Collaboration between Homunculus Theatre Company & Shakespeare4All. (2018)

        • Queensland Host  for Wakakirri – Wakakirri is Australia’s largest Story-Dance Festival, involving over 20,000 students across every State and Territory each year. (2017, 2018)

        • DENNIS as part of The Short & Sweet Festival Queensland – Theatre Strand 1 Audience Choice Award Winner – “Clint Bolster’s detailed and beguiling performance is sublimely breathtaking” ★★★★★ – Ian Billings, Comedian & Author, UK (2017)

        • The Southern Cross Soloists String Quartet Gala For Young People – The Bangalow Music Festival  (2017)

        • 2 Week Artist In- Residence with Shakespeare4All Hong Kong.(2017)

        • 3 Month International Exchange and Professional Development & Creative Residency with Vamos Theatre Company – The UK’s leading Mask Theatre Company. Clint Bolster received financial assistance from the Queensland Government through the Arts Queensland Individual Professional Development Grant Initiative. (2017)

        • The role of Ringmaster Z for Creative Generation State Schools Arena Spectacular, Department Of Education and Training at The Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre. (2016)

        • Clown MC in Disruptive Camouflage for Wonderland Festival at The Brisbane Powerhouse. (2016)

        • Lead role of Ringmaster Z in the circus spectacular ZIRCUS at Jupiter’s Theatre, Hotel & Casino — “…a friendly version of Jack Nicholson as the Joker leading the way, we laugh, we gasp, clap and gape!” – Last Minute Live – (2015)

        • Sell out seasons of Debase Productions, Hurry Up And Wait at The Awesome Festival – International Theatre Festival for Young People in Perth, (2016) Toowoomba USQ Theatre (2016), Redlands Performing Arts Centre (2016), Sydney –Dame Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre (2015), The Queensland Library (2015), Brisbane Festival at The Spiegeltent (2014), after returning from a statewide in-schools tour with Queensland Theatre Company (2011) on the back of seasons at Kijimoona International Theatre Festival For Young People in Japan (2013), 3 Month Tour to venues in Fukuoka Japan with Kazenoko Theatre Company (Thanks to the help of Arts Queensland Funding) (2013) and Edinburgh Fringe Festival  (2012) where the show received 5 star critical acclaim —-“If you don’t have children, find some and take them or simply take yourself – you’ll love it!””– Broadway Baby, Edinburgh, “… the audience, children and parents alike, are in constant fits of laughter. At the end of the show I heard one child ask, ‘Can we watch it again?’” ★★★★★ – Informed Edinburgh, “A truly happy, fun and intelligent show.” ★★★★★ Broadway Baby, Edinburgh

        • The Three Little Endangered Animals for Artslink Queensland (2013)

        • Suckers by Harvest Rain Theatre Company – “Clint Bolster magnifies his movement and facial expressions as the shady salesman. He has had a decade to familiarise himself with the art of clowning and it shows in this performance” -★★★★★ – Meredith McLean, XS Entertainment. (2012)

        • The Little Green Road to Fairy Land for Queensland Music Festival —-“…hilarious and brilliantly performed…judging from the abundance of smiles, laughter, and enthusiastic applause, both children and adults alike were mesmerised, entertained and enchanted for the entire performance!”, Nelson Lau, Critical Mass (2014)

        • Cafe Floriani – Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia & Tasmania Secondary Schools Tours – Co Presented by Transient Theatre Company, Nexus Arts Victoria, The Queensland Arts Council, Artslink Queensland, Lightwire Theatrical Productions & Homunculus Theatre Company.  “I laughed until I cried!” — Robyn Hickey, St Mary District School, Tasmania. ★★★★★ (2004 – 2015)

        • The Spirit Of The Mask – Queensland Secondary Schools Tour – Co Presented by Transient Theatre Company, The Queensland Arts Council, Artslink Queensland, Lightwire Theatrical Productions & Homunculus Theatre Company. (2004 – 2018)

        • Thoughts Have Feelings Too – Queensland Primary Schools Tour – Co Presented by Transient Theatre Company, The Queensland Arts Council, Artslink Queensland, Lightwire Theatrical Productions & Homunculus Theatre Company.  Supported by The Mental Health Association Of Queensland. (2004 – 2018)

        • 20 Lazzis In A Hat – Queensland Secondary Schools Tour –  Homunculus Theatre Company. “Brisbane Drama Teachers are so lucky to have such a valuable resource as Homunculus Theatre Company available to them – I have many colleagues in other parts of the world who are absolutely envious that I have Commedia specilists on my door step!” — Padua College, QLD ★★★★★ (2015 – 2018)

        • Absurd4 – Queensland Secondary Schools Tour – Homunculus Theatre Company. (2015 – 2018)

        • Heaven, Hell & Tango – 2 Ballerinas directed by Rosetta Cook (first stage funded by Arts Queensland) (2015)

        • Much Ado about Nothing and The Wind in the Willows for 4MBS Classic FM (2012)

        • The Search For The 5th Element and Booff In Concert for Universal Studios Japan Osaka (2006)

        • The Ruins  – Feature Film – Beach Guy (2008)

        • Aerial Angels Stilts for Aerial Angels Productions and Jupiter’s Casino (2005)

        • The Treasure Hunt Clowns with Collusion Ensemble (2004)

        • Freak Street for Woodford Folk Festival (2004)


In addition to Homuculus, Clint owns and manages Manoeuvre Stilt Performers. Manoeuvre is Queensland’s premier roving stilt performance company – originals of Expo 88 – which has been providing roving stilt acts to festivals, night clubs and corporate events throughout Australia and overseas for 15years to over 4.5million audiences. Much more than simply “walkers”, these Stilt Performers, whilst strutting, looping and dancing through the crowd, stimulate the imagination, inspire joy and offer an engaging, playful and interactive experience for audiences of various sizes. For 10 years they have entertained the masses at Woodford Folk Festival, Nundah Festival, The Brisbane Ekka, Childers Multicultural Festival,  Opened Stores for Loui Vuitton Stores in Singapore and Year Long  Residencies at The Family Night Club Brisbane..to name a few. In 2012 Manoeuvre received financial assistance from the Queensland Government through the Arts Queensland Individual Professional Development Grant Initiative: from this Manoeuvre is now represented by agents in the United Kingdom, Asia & America.



Clint is also the Artistic Director of The Mask Family – a suite of full face non-verbal mask theatre acts that connect directly to the heart. This accessible, inclusive, magical roving theatre is sensitive to its audiences and reflective of the increasingly multi-cultural society we live in.

Highly visual, interactive, non-intrusive and non-language dependent, this unique form of roving theatre transcends barriers of age, language and culture.

Performed by an ensemble of 7 internationally renowned and critically acclaimed Australian physical theatre performers The Mask Family  are brilliantly realised, utilising many decades of live performance experience.

The Mask Family Acts are available separately or in combination and work most effectively as a trio.Available now, throughout Australia & New Zealand, for Festivals, Shopping Centres, Product Launches, Parades, Nightclubs and Corporate Events – or any other occasion.

All of The Mask Family acts are highly adaptable to suit a broad range of events. They are highly versatile and completely adjustable to your specific needs. We will happily customise the acts to suit your particular event requirements.

This Project has received financial assistance from the Queensland Government through the Arts Queensland Showcase Program.



Clint is urrently in creative development with The Southern Cross Soloists for a show entitled The Secret Lives Of Composers as the Lead Clown MC and plays the Bells & Theremin.

He is also a key performer in The Bubble Effect: Disco Show – for More Than Mime Theatre – a giant projected bubble encapsulating a performer who blends circus aerials and dance in a one-hour event.

In development for A DAY IN THE LIFE OF DENNIS – a moving and heart-warming full face non verbal mask theatre production. This is a story of a lonely, loveable and misunderstood character who lives by himself in a small flat in Worcester, UK. Dennis has always wanted to fall in love, however, so far, he has never attained it. He has seen what love is supposed to be – on the television, couples holding hands in the streets, the next-door neighbours’ dogs every Sunday morning. However, Dennis himself has never had a companion … until now! Funny and poignant, Dennis explores the human condition and is written and performed by Clint.


– Arts Queensland – Individual Professional Development Grant for Maneouvre Roving Stilt Performers Australia – UK Project – (2012)

– Arts Queensland – individual Professional Development Grant for Clint Bolster – 3 Month Artist In Residence – Vamos Theatre  UK – (2017)

– Arts Queensland – The Showcase Program  – The Mask Families – Roving Theatre Acts – Australia & New Zealand – (2017)


His mentors include Annie Lee from The Kransky Sisters fame and Derek Scott from Slavas Snow Show, Margi Brown Ash form Force OF Circumstance and Tony Kishawi from Commedia Unmasked.


He is also an experienced and sought after Teacher- Artist, leading many residencies and workshops for Queensland Theatre Company, LaBoite Theatre Company, Australian Catholic University, University of Southern Queensland, Queensland University of Technology, Griffith University, The Queensland Conservatorium Of Music, The University of Tasmania, The Aboriginal Centre for Performing Arts, Drama Queensland, Drama Tasmania, Drama Australia, Drama New Zealand, Queensland Music Festival, Backbone Youth Arts and Nexus Arts Victoria.

Clint is a proud Queensland Board Member and Mentor for The Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance, and Board Member for Indel-Ability Arts.

Allie Wilde - 2818-Email Res

Allie Wilde

Co-Artistic Director, Actor, Workshop Facilitator


  • Actor
  • Aerialist
  • Acrobat
  • Trainer
  • Stilt Performer


Since 1998 Allie Wilde has worked as a performer, creative consultant, producer, performer manager, programmer and program co-ordinator, trainer, mentor and director with, and for, Australian companies.

Performance Credits

  • Brisbane City Council
  • Queensland Arts Council
  • Strut & Fret Production House
  • Vulcana Women’s Circus
  • Flipside Circus
  • Rock n Roll Circus/Circa
  • Aerial Angels
  • La La Parlour
  • Gale & Vallance
  • Fractal Theatre Company
  • Qld Youth Ballet
  • Woodford Folk Festival, DG Theater (Netherlands)
  • Surfers Paradise Festival
  • Surfers Paradise Alliance
  • Arts Centre Gold Coast
  • The Ekka
  • Top Chick Management
  • Queensland Theatre Company
  • Ozworks
  • Izit? Entertainment
  • Zest Factor
  • Versace (Gold Coast)
  • Uhan Shii Theatre Company (Taiwan)
  • Warrawa Arts (Taiwan)
  • Southern Cross University
  • The Tasmanian Circus Festival

Circus Meets Theatre

A nationally recognised specialist in circus and physical theatre, Allie is theatre trained and is a highly experienced aerialist, acrobat and roving artist. She has a theatrical focus in all her work and enjoys working with innovative and edgy artists and clients. Allie has an extensive Australian and international performance history. This brings a richness and depth of understanding to her work, and to her relationships with the artists she engages and the clients she works with.

Nick Cilento - 2865-Email Res

Nick Cilento

Actor, Workshop Facilitator


  • Actor
  • Acrobat
  • Trainer
  • Stilt Performer

Trained At:

  • National Circus Festival


Nick is an internationally recognised Brisbane-based professional actor, physical theatre and circus performer and trainer, with a tireless creative drive and a highly disciplined work and training ethic. He has extensive training in the disciplines of Suzuki Method, Improvisation, Mask, Movement, Clown and Acrobatics. His theatrical focus is on the development of character-driven physical performance with special interests in youth theatre and improvised, interactive street theatre.

A highly skilled acrobat, stilt-walker, aerial harness performer and object manipulator, he has trained with some of the world’s best master trainers. And for some time now has himself been one of the performance and acrobatic master trainers for the National Circus Festival.


  • Wilde Applause Creative Productions
  • Izit! Entertainment
  • Gale & Valance
  • Aerial Angels
  • Artslink QLD
  • Strut n Fret Production House
  • Zest Factor
  • Uhan Shii Theatre Co. (Taiwan)
  • Sault Poets
  • A-List
  • Ga4 or 5
  • Manoeuve
  • More Than Mime
  • Polytoxic
  • Hubbub Music
  • Oz Frank Theatre
  • 2006 Commonwealth Games celebrations
  • Kaoshiung International Street Theatre Festival
  • World Games Celebrations — Taiwan, 2007
  • Loius Vuitton and Mont Blanc VIP events (Taiwan, Japan, China, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Guam, Singapore)
  • Brisbane Festival — 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012, 2010
  • Danshui International Arts & Environment Festival
  • 2011 Taiwan Lantern Festival
  • 2012 Chuncheon International Mime Festival
  • Yeosu World Expo 2012
  • International Fireworks Festival — Miaoli, Taiwan 2012
  • International Artists Festival — Taoyuan, Taiwan 2012
  • Woodford Folk Festival — 2002-9, 2012.

Current Projects

Co-creator of the performance companies Sault Poets, A-List and Ga4 or 5. Nick also performs regularly with Manoeuve, More Than Mime, Polytoxic and Hubbub Music. He has also worked extensively as a core performer with the Oz Frank Theatre ensemble where ensemble performers are trained extensively in the physical theatre system devised by Japan’s foremost theatre director, Tadashi Suzuki. T


Lauren O'Rourke

Actor, Workshop Facilitator


  • Actor
  • Singer/Songwriter
  • Clown

Trained At:

  • University Of Southern Queensland


Lauren has worked professionally as an actor, composer, writer and instructor since graduating from University Of Southern Queensland in 2007 with a Bachelor of Theatre Arts, majoring in Acting. Whilst studying Lauren trained heavily in clown and comedy, honing her skills with regular clown and roaming character performances at numerous corporate events.


  • Queensland Theatre Company
  • Shake and Stir Theatre Co
  • Hoozat Entertainment
  • Wildflowers


Since graduating, Lauren has gone on to work with several theatre companies including Queensland Theatre Company, Shake and Stir Theatre Co and Hoozat Entertainment. Lauren has a love for clown and is an experienced Instructor in this field, along with children’s theatre and story telling. Most recently Lauren’s co-wrote and co-starred in Wildflowers which took out The People’s Choice Award & The Judges Choice Award at The Sydney Short+Sweet Play Festival.

On top of her theatre credits, Lauren has also worked in television and film, and as a singer/songwriter. A passionate composer for both theatre and film, Lauren is excited to be presenting her first musical on stage at Metro Arts in 2014.


Cameron iPad2 002

Cameron Hurry

Actor, Workshop Facilitator


  • Actor
  • Clown

Trained At:

  • USQ (Acting)
  • Griffith (Applied Theatre)
  • TVi Actors Studio, L.A


Cameron has appeared in many products, national and international as well as several commercials, events for television and radio and many short films. For Harvest Rain, Cameron has facilitated clown workshops and performed in their pantomime, EKKA and school shows.

He has enjoyed roving character work with Homunculus Theatre and PARTICIPATED in creative developments for various companies.

Performance Credits

  • FRANKENSTEIN (Fractal Theatre)
  • THE BULLY (Omad Productions)
  • SUCKERS (LOLipop Productions)
  • SHADOWLANDS (Harvest Rain Theatre Company)
  • TASHI (Imaginary Ltd.)
  • THE SPIRIT OF THE MASK (Qac/Lightwire)
  • MACBETH (Jute Theatre)
  • ANGRY YOUNG WOMEN (Mixed Company)


Cameron is a graduate of USQ (Acting), Griffith (Applied Theatre), and TVi Actors Studio, L.A. He is a Matilda nominee for Best Emerging Artist, a two-time Del Arte Chart honoree, and a proud member of Equity.

1267656_10151908692663179_748499228_o copy

Louise Brehmer

Actor, Workshop Facilitator


  • Actor
  • Clown
  • Clown Doctor
  • Improvisation Specialist

Trained at:

  • Queensland University Of Technology (Acting Program)
  • Shakespeare and Company (USA)
  • Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble
  • Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre
  • Society Of Australian Fight Directors
  • Debase Productions
  • Angry Mime
  • NIDA Open Program


Louise is an award winning actor, teacher, voiceover artist, clown and MC.

She has been a professional improviser for more than twenty years and has twice represented Queensland in the National Theatresports Championships. She has used her improvisational skills to work for such companies as Theatresports QLD, Troupe Du Jour (Melbourne), Edge Improv, Sit Down Comedy Club, IZIT Entertainment, Interactive Theatre Australia among others. She has worked on the Youth Theatresports Festival for many years as a tutor/coach & MC at the shows. Louise is an experienced voice over artist, providing vocal talent for radio ads, corporate dvd’s, as well as voices for three characters in the international animated children’s series “Farmkids”. She has appeared in feature length films “A Heartbeat Away“, “Hildegard” and in many short films. Louise appeared in the television show “Slide” and in the ABC telemovie “Mabo”, as well as several corporate training dvds and tv commercials, most recently for Gold Lotto and RACQ.

Louise has trained under a wide variety of teachers in clowning and has worked as a Clown Doctor at The Royal Children’s Hospital Brisbane/The Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital since 2001, where staff & families know her as “Dr Wobble”. She is a highly experienced artist/facilitator, having taught workshops for over two decades to students ranging from prep right through to tertiary levels. Louise regularly teaches for Queensland Theatre Company, Queensland University of Technology and The Warehouse Studio, as well as workshops in schools for Theatresports QLD. Other companies Louise has worked for include Backbone Youth Arts, La Boîte Theatre, NIDA Open to name a few.


  • The Seagull (Now Look Here Theatre)
  •  Australia Day (Queensland Theatre Company)
  •  A Midsummer Night’s Dream” – Matilda Award Winner, Del Artè Award Winner (Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble)
  •  “The Lost Property Rules” (Queensland Theatre Company- QLD tour)
  •  “Tall Man” (Real TV/ La Mama Theatre Melbourne)
  •  “Therese Raquin” – Matilda Award Winner (Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre)
  • “After All This” (Elbow Room/ Brisbane Festival)
  •  “Tales of the Underground” (Creative Regions- North QLD tour)
  • “Spring Awakening” (Oscar Theatre Company)
  •  “Secret Bridesmaids Business” (Mixed Company)
  • Cribbie” (4MBS Classic FM)
  •  “An Oak Tree” (Queensland Theatre Company)
  •  “What are the Odds?” (JUTE Theatre Cairns)
  •  “Richard The Third” (QLD Shakespeare Ensemble)
  • The Bitterling” – Del Arte Award winner (La Boite Indie/ Pentimento Productions)
  • The Miracle Worker” – Matilda Award nomination
  • Del Arte Award winner (Crossbow Productions)
  • Popping Lead Balloons” (DeBase Productions- QLD & VIC tour)
  • The Works 2009 – Taking Aim” (Queensland Theatre Company)
  • Children of the Black Skirt” (Real TV – national tour)
  • MicroTrip 2” (Dennehy&Thomas/Metro Arts)
  • The Ghost Writer” (…and moor theatre)
  • Private Fears in Public Places” (Queensland Theatre Company – NSW tour)
  • Cooking with Elvis” (Queensland Theatre Company – national tour)
  • MoDD- Romeo & Juliet” (Queensland Theatre Company)
  • Summer Wonderland” (La Boite Theatre Company)
  • Crèche and Burn” (La Boite Theatre Company – national tour)
  • New Royal” (Metro Arts/SOOB)
  •   “Lovejunk”- Del Arte Award winner (DeBase Productions)
  • He Died with a Felafel in his Hand” (Someone Productions/La Boite Theatre)
  • The Greater Plague” (Restaged Histories Project)
  • The Comedy of Errors” (Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble)
  • Mrs Klein”(Crossbow Productions)
  • Anne of the Thousand Days” (Crossbow Productions)
  • The Pacific Solution” (Brisbane Festival Theatre Fringe)
  • Hermes and the Naked Flame” (La Boite Theatre Company/QAC)
  • Sexual Perversity in Chicago” and “The Duck Variations (rolling jaffa)
  •  The Man Who Sold The World” (Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre – national tour)
  • In No Particular Order (BDP), Or you can get out and walk!” (Farrago Productions)
  • Chicago” (Forte Theatre – QLD tour)
  • Amadeus”, “Witness for the Prosecution” (Forte Theatre)
  • Lion in the Streets”- Del Artè Award Winner
  • The Cherry Orchard”, “Kakos”, “Romeo & Juliet”, “Boy’s Life” – Del Artè Award Winner “The Rover”, “Road” (QUT).
  • She has performed in public readings of new works including “The Wiredancers’ Waltz” & “Australian Gothic” (National Playwrights Festival)
  • Cigarettes and Chocolate” (23rd Productions)
  • The Bitterling”, “The Life of Hypatia”,“The Stiff”,“Harvest” (QTC The Works)
  • Faith” (QLD Poetry Festival)
  • Big Things” (DeBase Productions)
  • The Narcissist” (La Boite/ Noosa Long Weekend Festival)
  • Baited” & “The Critic” (Duende/ Metro Arts Creative Development Season )
  • Hoods” (Real TV/ NAADA), as well as new works in QTC’s Young Playwrights Awards.

Niki-J Price

Actor, Workshop Facilitator


  • Actor
  • Singer/sSongwriter
  • Stage Combat

Trained At:

  • Diploma in Performing Arts, Wales
  • Mountview Theatre School, London


Lauren has worked professionally as an actor, composer, writer and instructor since graduating from University Of Southern Queensland in 2007 with a Bachelor of Theatre Arts, majoring in Acting. Whilst studying Lauren trained heavily in clown and comedy, honing her skills with regular clown and roaming character performances at numerous corporate events.


  • Dead Puppet Society’s The Harbinger
  • Lucy Dean in Mixed Company’s Secret Bridesmaid’s Business
  • Agrippina in Eugene Empire Burning
  • 4MBS’ Amadeus
  • MadCat in Minefields & Miniskirts
  • aSpire Theatre Arts in The Passion
  • Queensland Theatre Company in We Were Dancing, A Christmas Carol, Puss in Boots
  • Trocadero’s production of The Duchess of Malfi
  • 4MBS Classic Players’ Romeo & Juliet, Drama on the High Seas, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Prometheus Unbound and Much Ado
  • About Nothing
  • The Forwood Movement’s The Laramie Project, Grin & Tonic’s Monkey (2002 & 2006), Excerpts, A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  • Jason Klarwein’s adaptation of Kafka’s The Trial and readings: Titus Andronicus, Pericles, The Winters Tale, Richard III
  • Welcome to The Lucky Country
  • True Love by Ignition Films
  • Pixelframe’s ClownTown
  • Commercials include Virgin Mobile, Michael Hill Jeweller, Holden and more recently Carlton beer


N-J has performed in many short films, recently in True Love by Ignition Films receiving global acknowledgement and has won several awards including Best Film at many international festivals. Pixelframe’s ClownTown was accepted into the 2013 St Kilda Film Festival and Warrick Fraser’s Une Priere du Mort won Best Video at the American Film Festival 2011.

N-J received a singing scholarship while at Mountview and was nominated for Best Emerging Artist Matilda Award in Brisbane in 2005.


Niki-Jhas fight directed for Grin & Tonic Theatre, Queensland Theatre Company, La Boite Theatre Company, QUT Creative Industries, University of Southern Queensland, pretend Productions, Debase Productions, Harvest Rain, Queensland Shakespeare Festival, 4MBS, The Good Room, That Theatre Company and many other companies.

N-J is the recipient of an Advanced certificate with Recommendation from The British Academy of Dramatic Combat:

“The BADC Fight Performance certificate is recognised throughout the theatrical world as a mark of excellence in stage combat proficiency with the advanced with recommendation being the highest and rarest honour to be awarded”

N-J currently holds a Sabre 4 star and Foil 5 star Award with the British Academy of Fencing, London, a brown belt in kickboxing and has trained in aikido, kung fu, karate and capoeira.


Neridah Waters

Workshop Facilitator


  • Actor
  • Choreographer

Trained At:

  • University of Western Sydney, Nepean
  • Frank Theatre


Neridah Waters is a choreographer, actor and theatre maker. She graduated from the acting degree at University of Western Sydney, Nepean.


  • Sacre Bleu
  • Choreographed The Venetian Twins, Show, The Cherry Orchard, The Glass Managerie and Away.
  • La Boite Theatre Companys The Year Nick Mc Gowan Came To Stay, The Dance Of Jeremiah , Attack of the Attacking Attackers!
  • Johnno for The Brisbane Festival 2006
  • Cousin Love for Brisbane Festival’s Under the Radar
  • Natimuk fringe festival
  • The little green road to fairyland
  • Choreographed Boomtown for the Queensland Music Festival
    Railway Wonderland with NORPA
  • The Out of the Box Festival
  • Storyteller for Queensland Ballets Cinderella and The Nutcracker
  • Co-hosted the artist bar at The Adelaide Festival
  • Rashamon, Giselle and Oedipus and Doll 17 for the Brisbane Festival
  • La La Parlour troupe in Tarnished
  • Melbourne Festival
  • Adelaide Fringe Festival
  • The Judith Wright Centre
  • The Melbourne Comedy Festival
  • The Nutimuk Festival,]
  • The Brides Of Frank, in Till Death Do Us Part at the Brisbane Powerhouse
  • The Brisbane Cabaret Festival
  • The Sydney Royal Easter Show
  • The Kate Bush Trilogy puppet show 
  • Double The Fist (AFI best comedy series)
  • The Common People Dance Project at Glastonbury Festival
  • Tasmanian Circus festival
  • Perth Circus Festival
  • Gold Coast Festival
  • Brisbane Festival
  • The Edmonton Street Festival
  • Horrendos Curse
  • Tashi


As a member of The Escapists, Neridah co-created a show called Boy Girl Wall, which has been performed at Metro Arts, the Adelaide fringe festival, two seasons at La Boite Theatre, Hothouse Theatre in Aulbury/Wodonga, Melbourne Theatre Company and a 4 month tour around Australia. Boy Girl Wall got nominated for a Helpmann award and this year has been invited over to Pittsburgh to be presented at IPAY. Also with The Escapists, Neridah created a piece called Elephant Gun as part of The World Theatre Festival 2010 and 2011 and is in development with a new project called Suburbia for which they have received Australia Council funding. Under the fresh ground program Neridah is currently in development of a new physical comedy show called Head Office and is choreographing a giant outdoor show in Logan for Queensland Music Festival.

HS - colour

Kerith Atkinson

Actor, Workshop Facilitator


  • Actor
  • Clown

Trained at:

  • Queensland University Of Technology – Acting


Kerith graduated from the QUT Academy of the Arts Acting strand. She is also a voice over artist and proud Equity member since 1998, currently serving on National Performers Committee & Qld Branch Council.



  • For the Queensland Theatre Company she has performed in The Lost Property Rules, Pygmalion, An Oak Tree, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf (for which she received a Best Supporting Actress Matilda nomination), Caucasian Chalk Circle, A Christmas Carol, Vincent in Brixton and The Works as well as being chosen for the Emerging Artist ensemble.
  • A Slight Ache & The Lover (Now Look Here)
  • Motherland (Ellen Baloo)
  • Operator (La Boite Theatre Company)
  • Njunjul the Sun (Kooemba Jdarra)
  • Colder (La Boite indie)
  • Bronte (Three Sisters Productions)
  • Dear Charlotte and Black Christmas (Theatre Activ8)
  • The Tempest, Prometheus Unbound and the national tour of Amadeus (4MBS Classic Productions).
  • For various independent theatre companies in Brisbane and Sydney: Three Sisters, The Heartbreak Kid, LovePuke, Dark Heart, and Like There’s No Tomorrow.
  • Her film and television credits include three seasons of Mako: Island of Secrets, Reef Doctors, Terra Nova, All Saints, Water Rats, Farscape and the feature films, Australia Day, Girl Clock, Talking Back at Thunder and The Last Man on Earth as well as commercials, short films and film clips.

Tony Kishawi

Associate Director, Workshop Facilitator, Mask Maker


  • Actor
  • Clown
  • Commedia Specialist

Trained at:

  • Victorian College Of The Arts
  • Antonio Fava International School of Commedia dell’arte


Tony Kishawi is a highly trained and diversely experienced Artistic Director / Producer and Teacher with more than 40 years of demonstrated initiatives and commitment to the world of Theatre throughout Australia and Great Britain. My extensive training in Australia and Europe, career performances, teaching and directing reflect a variety of interests and skills, with an over-riding passion for Object Theatre and Commedia DellʼArte. Other areas of expertise include Physical Theatre, Drama and Play Building, Improvisation for  performance and broad-based involvement in Community Theatre Nationally but recently in Brisbane and Noosa now my home town.
The years 2014 & 2016 have seen continuation of busy schedules with a combination of commitments in Direction, Production, Performance and Project Management, Teaching, Mentoring & University Lecturing NIDA (summer program), VCA, QUT, USC and CQU.

As a highly creative, energetic and quality-based performer/director, I place great emphasis on collaborative involvement, effective interpersonal and strong communication abilities, having worked successfully with individuals from diverse socioeconomic, cultural backgrounds and levels of authority. I am a published Author, ‘Teaching Commedia Dell’Arte’.