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The Sault Poets offer a vast range of character based roving and stage shows and acts. Ranging from 4 minutes – 1 hour duration.

Sault Poets Acts

 A List

Roving and stage– a blend of storytelling, performance poetry, ‘magic tricks’, juggling, comedy, circus tricks, balloons and song.

Cross Stitch

Roving & Stage– Stylised, Kooky, Non-Verbal Acrobatics

Cross-Stitch offers a stunning blend of acrobatics, placed on a large patch and fringed with a generous dose of eloquent, counterbalanced buffoonery.

This highly-skilled and engaging trio has been neatly stitched to create a rich tapestry of strength, balance and flexibility.

Cross stitch is a non-verbal act that can be performed to a range of music types ranging from classical to quirky, swing to gypsy jazz. Just let us know your theme and we can ensure the music fits the mood and acknowledges the occasion.

The Comic Grannies

Roving/ Aerial /Stage /‘Imposter’ Act

The Comic Grannies are two active, curious, social elders who cannot help but bring a smile to your day with their radical, unexpected, somewhat outrageous acrobatic adventures.

The Comic Grannies are Maud and Myrtle are rather extraordinary (and very well-travelled) older ladies. This hilarious duo act is laden with hard-of-hearing mishaps, failing joints, stories of dance hall days gone by (and hilarious accompanying demonstrations), limited vision, handbag humour, tight hip flexors, and a good dose of senility. Their opinions on just about everything from strawberry jam to Shakespeare inspire laughter and good humour wherever they roam.

Available for corporate events, shows, rodeos, Tea Parties, weddings, major festivals (and even bucks parties, or so they say!?).

Hans & Eva

Comedy Acrobatics/ Roving & Stage– Highly Interactive

These lovable clowns perform their highly skilled trick sequences in the most ridiculous of ways, and they always love to share their joy at being at your event with you. When truly confused (this does happen of course) Hans & Eva may turn to the audience to ask for ideas as to what they should do next (perform in the style of Cirque Du Soliel perhaps – or as a Spaghetti Western!!??)

Jam-packed with apparent near misses, hopeless miscommunications, language goofs and lucky saves, these highly skilled circus theatre performers always manage to close with a spectacular finale!

We just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the A-list and The Fliez at our event at the Argyle. They were so fabulous and added to our event in a huge way. I think the A-list particularly were the highlight of all performances in the way they interacted with the crowd with humour and spectacle. They really wowed the crowds. Please pass on our thanks to the performers themselves.

Lisa and Nadine – Sydney Event Company