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More than Mime Theatre is a distinctive and quality inventor of roving, stage & installation acts for events. With acts that surprise, touch, intrigue and delight people, we bring the extraordinary into everyday life.

More than Mime strives to affect people on an emotional level with performances that evoke an idea, a feeling, or a story, rather than simply being decorative.

More than Mime acts can be enjoyed by anyone willing to be transported to another world for just a moment. We believe in bringing theatre to people who don’t expect it, who are not looking for it, and who might not otherwise see it We are about making life more beautiful in this busy world.

Most of all, More than Mime Theatre makes people go ‘Wow!”.

More than Mime offer several points of difference…


MR & MRS VON White

A universally popular roving mime act which works wonderfully in almost any situation.

The Angel

While the crowd wonders if she is real, this stunning angel comes to life and gives them directions.

Miss Pink

Miss Pink will bring a splash of colour to any event. She is charming, friendly and loves posing for photos with everyone she mets. She gets particularly excited when she comes across people who share her favourite colour…can you guess what it is?


This is a truly unique living statue, incorporating sound and special effects with a striking installation. The sound of cogwheels precedes the awakening of this toy-like 19th Century photographer. When he turns his camera to the audience and prepares to take a photo, two little doors open and out pops a whistling bird. Then as the crowning moment, a spectacular light and smoke flash burst from his hand held flash. Winner of the Championship of Living Statues, Holland.

The Scarecrow

This poor Scarecrow has issues…he has recently moved to Australia but something is not right here. Instead of scaring the birds, the birds LOVE him! He is immersed in feathered friends and a cacophony of chirping. For someone with a bird phobia this is bad news!

Mr Flame

The loveable Mr Flame is like a living, breathing cartoon character! The performers’s high level skills in classical mime and fire-eating make this act exceptionally entertaining and captivating.

MR Doll

You will fall in love with this classic and captivating fellow. His superb stillness and perfectly articulated movements leave people wondering if he can possibly be real.

The Gentleman

Always a Gentleman, this charming and naive character is as friendly as he is odd. Don’t be put off by his sinister looks, he is beloved by young and old.

Bubble Man on Wheels

This playful Bubble Bot tips around followed by a never-ending stream of bubbles…and delights children! The mobility of his character and the wide ranging effect of the bubbles dramatically increases the reach of this act.

Bubble Queen on Wheels

The Bubble Queen has travelled all the way from Bubble Land to share her enchanting world. While thousands of little bubbles stream from her costume, she creates giant bubble sculptures with her magic wands. The mobility of this character and the wide ranging effect of the bubbles (10,000 per minute!) dramatically increases the reach of this act.

DJ Inferno

This hilarious interactive character has come all the way from Planet Disco and has brought the party with him. Complete with lights, sound system and headset, DJ inferno can play the beats or work with the soundtrack you have playing.