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Homunculus can offer teachers interactive, engaging and practical professional development programs in a range of comedic forms to support their work within curriculum.

These unique programs provide an invaluable opportunity to work with internationally acclaimed physical performers to extend skill in the foundations of comedy and other dramatic forms, such as: Commedia Dell’Arte, Traditional & Contemporary Clowning, Absurdism, Slapstick & Stage Combat, Non-Verbal Communication & Mime, Physical Theatre & Circus, Melodrama and Political Satire.

3 Hour$275 per teacher (up to 8 teachers).
3 Hour$1,650 up to 10 teachers.
3 Hour$2,200 up to 12 teachers.

All prices include GST

“Often, there comes a time in a person’s life when, due to age or maturity or judgement, they stop playing. Why? Shouldn’t we all take it upon ourselves to be joyful, laugh and play; surely one should never stop playing. It was through the work of Clint Bolster and Homunculus Theatre Company that I learnt this lesson. Their work is so important to our wellbeing, they inspire people, both adults and children, every day and I hope they will continue to do so for many years to come.

I have seen two Homunculus performances (Cafe Floriani and Spirit of the Mask) and attended a number of professional development workshops presented by Clint. At the end of each one of these, I was disappointed that it was over. I learnt so much, my head was exploding with new ideas and ways to engage students in Drama. Homunculus is such a powerful company. Keep up the fantastic work!”

Bronwyn Marsh, Drama Teacher, Townsville State High School, QLD

I recently attended a Commedia, Clown & Physical Comedy professional development workshop run by Clint Bolster at The Game Changer Drama Australia & Drama New Zealand Conference. I can honestly say his workshop was the highlight of the entire three day conference! Clint was enthusiastic, encouraging and approachable from the moment we entered the room. It was clear that he knew his content and was excited to share his experience with us.

I was asked to participate in the Shawn Mask activity which, with Clint’s guidance, gave me confidence and had everyone in stitches. This also allowed me to experience what its like to be a student and performing in front of others. I was very grateful for that opportunity. Not only did I have a great time in the workshop, I learnt valuable skills that I can add to my repertoire of skills. I am eager to have Clint come to my high school and perform for my students!


Thank you to Clint from Homunculus Theatre Company, for an afternoon of professional development. Through structured play and laughter, we were able to gain invaluable experiences that we can apply in our own classroom teaching. Clint was both engaging and incredibly hilarious – a testament to his trade. An insightful entry to the wonderful world of Clowning and Commedia!


Just wanted to say thank you for yesterday’s masterclass at the DQ Conference. I was feeling tired, unmotivated and uncommitted to teaching Commedia for the first time in many years. You were disarming, direct, amusing and inspiring. I earnt so much from watching those on stage and your coaching from the expensive padded chair brought out each actor’s ‘dericiousness’. I shall sally forth into the drama room armed with the exercises I need to make Commedia relevant for my students and for me. Thank You , Thank you, THANK YOU!


Under the artful direction of Clint and Lauren, the participants of the teacher’s workshop were given a hands-on journey through theatrical styles of clowning. The presenters’ energy inspired all to experiment and develop techniques that could be applied to general and specific drama classes. By the end of the 3 hour session, all were invigorated and armed with a swag full of activities ranging from warm-ups to character refinement. The opportunity to learn from Clint and Lauren was highly motivational.


"Thank you so much for facilitating such an invigorating and inspiring professional development in Townsville. The four hours of PD went so quickly. I gained so many new activities and ideas that I know will enhance my classroom practice. I can't wait to try all these new ideas and activities out. "